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/ Series / Abyssal Knight in the Modern World
Abyssal Knight in the Modern World
Abyssal Knight in the Modern World
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There was a young woman whom throughout her life lives as an empty husk to everything around her. Cursed by the sickness that haunts her ever since the beginning of her life, she has been counting days till the end her time comes, and nothing… makes her any happier than that.

When she grew, the pain spread, and when she could not ­­wait any longer, she decided to end it all, in the burial grounds where her benefactors reside.

FantasyGender BenderIsekaiMartial ArtsPsychologicalSchool LifeSeinenSlice of LifeSupernatural
Absent Parents Bullying Calm Protagonist Conditional Power Eye Powers Gambling Girl's Love Subplot Male to Female Resurrection Sealed Power
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