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Vampire Reborn
Vampire Reborn
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In a polluted world where humans ruined the planet, Ren Silver, a man who had been on the bottom his entire life climbed up the social ladder and followed his dreams no matter who put him down.

After putting his soul, blood, sweat, and tears, his path led him to greatness, becoming the number 1 streamer and VR gamer in the world.

Life took a major turn for him. And, after receiving early access to THE major game-changing update by the developers, things were looking up for him even more.

What awaited him was something truly special that no man would have dreamed of...

One much darker than he would have ever expected...

{{ Greetings Ren Silver… You have proven yourself worthy without a shadow of a doubt… Welcome to your NEW REALITY... chosen one… }}

Note: This is secretly Drip in disguise, the author of "The Great Demon System" ;)

There might be a girl in the cover but this is MALE LEAD! and NO HAREM! I am adamantly anti harem gang!

The Novel's MC will not be a very moral guy. He is not a hero! He will value logic and reasoning over most of his decisions and values his own survival! There will be some romance later on but probably not a lot of it!

Antihero Protagonist Clever Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Evolution Fantasy World Game Elements Level System Magic Male Protagonist Necromancer Non-human Protagonist Reincarnation RPG Secret Identity Transmigration Vampires Weak to Strong
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