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/ Series / Mischief of the Mad Trickster Gods
Mischief of the Mad Trickster Gods
Mischief of the Mad Trickster Gods
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*Tap tap*
"Is this thing on? Oh, great. Hey there, kiddos! How ya doing? Doing well I hope. Alright, let's get down to business. You see, right now there's some kind of massive thirty meter tall eldritch monstrosity trying to bore its way into my friend's ass, and I'm contemplating whether to watch, leave and scream for help, or join in the fun. Seriously though, Hells really fucked up this time, huh?"
*Sound of popcorn crunching*
"Ah, yeah, really fucked up. Oh fuck, do you think that will fit in him?"
*Awkward coughing*
"Rest in pieces, Hells asshole."
*Poorly hidden snickering*

Warning: This story will likely have some elements that make people uncomfortable, and we'll likely get a lot of shit for the things we write in this story. So just a fair warning, this story isn't for everyone, even if it is gonna be pretty shitty. Also, myself, Hells, and Kinky do not condone the acts that happen in this story. There will be torture, possibly rape(depends on whether we decide whether or not to write hardcore rape chapters), and a lot of sexual stuff that is not for everyone. As stated in the note below, I'll mark chapters with such content, and if I happen to miss something, please inform me so I can fix that. Thank you.

(A/N) Alright people, here it is. So, let me tell you what exactly this story is. Two of my friends and myself are going to be working on this story together, and it's essentially just a bunch of random scenarios and stories that we place our super op godly characters in. This is essentially completely wish fulfillment, and there will be sex scenes(probably a lot), and a lot of kinks will be explored. Chapters will have a name(if we can think of one) and then what character's perspective it is, and I'll try to remember to put any kinks that are shown in the chapter in the chapter title or at the beginning of said chapter. I think I'll also put the scenes in spoiler boxes, not sure. This story is going to be all over the place, and it's just me and my two bros fucking around with each other, so don't expect a consistent release or anything. I hope you enjoy the (un)godly tomfoolery that follows.
(Cover image was created with Charat)
-Brought to you by:
Darke, the Ultimate Wankmaster and the Misplaced Hentai Protagonist (DarkeReises)

Hells, Hell's Introverted Tyrant (Forgotten_One)

Kinky, the Perverted Shapeshifter (Lifeless)

Ability Steal Appearance Changes Appearance Different from Actual Age BDSM Carefree Protagonist Cheats Crazy Protagonist Episodic Fourth Wall God Protagonist Godly Powers Harem-seeking Protagonist Interdimensional Travel Male Protagonist Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Non-linear Storytelling Overpowered Protagonist Perverted Protagonist Protagonist with Multiple Bodies R-18 Shameless Protagonist Shapeshifters World Travel
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