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/ Series / My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem
My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem
My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem
7.24M Views 106009 Favorites 1151 Chapters 7 Chapters/Week 7066 Readers
3.6 (706 ratings)
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Table of Contents 1151
  1. Chapter 1134Nov 27, 2023
  2. Chapter 1133Nov 26, 2023
  3. Chapter 1132Nov 25, 2023
  4. Chapter 1131Nov 24, 2023
  5. Chapter 1130Nov 23, 2023
  6. Chapter 1129Nov 22, 2023
  7. Chapter 1128Nov 21, 2023
  8. Chapter 1127Nov 18, 2023
  9. Chapter 1126Nov 16, 2023
  10. Chapter 1125Nov 15, 2023
  11. Chapter 1124Nov 14, 2023
  12. Chapter 1123Nov 13, 2023
  13. Chapter 1122Nov 12, 2023
  14. Chapter 1121Nov 11, 2023
  15. Chapter 1120Nov 10, 2023
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      New 77suetham77
      Status: dropped at chapter 558

      I'm not one to review things, I don't even leave reviews on most of my steam games, much less on novels, but I felt the need to do it this time, I made an account just so I can make this review. This novel made me so sad... Not because the contents of the story are meant to be sad, au contraire. The story have a original and very intriguing premise in regards to dungeons, the first few chapters are really good but...


      Midway throught the reading, the story make a complete tone shift. I really tought that the "comedy" tag was already present in the lighthearted moments and the little jokes that the girls or the prince did sometimes, but the church chapter proved me wrong. Oh man, such a buildup, just to end on a cheap joke... I really wanted to see a "church arc", but everything up to this point, the priests suddenly appearing outside the castle, the paladins ambushing Deek in the insurance company and going as far as using a spell to block teleport (basically kidnapping Deek, like in those spy movies, in the sense that the kidnapping is more about coercion than about brute force), even the buildup with the mechanical dragon, or the fact that Deek was trying to hide his job-changing skill and the "Dark priest" job... All for naught, it was all "just a prank bro", the church actually only cares about flat chests vs big breasts... Oh man... Even some time before, the girls started to bully deek for fun, and act out of character just to make a joke, I just didn't realize it before the church chapter, sometimes the girls are ok with things, then, ~10 chapters in the future they are suddenly not ok with the same thing... The dont want deek to interact with the succcubus level, going as far as leaving him tied up, blindfolded (and etc...) in the ground, in a dungeon (where death is basically permanent), knowing that a dungeon can make monsters and traps on the fly, (in the first few chapters, Mina's dungeon made a trap in the ground below him, so the widow's dungeon could easily have made a trap just below him while he was defenseless on the ground), but the easily let Shao enter their home and "rape" Deek, and shao literally killed all of then a few chapers before, the also let Astria do almost the same thing (and she also were an enemy before, and showed that she was lying to them about having mentally regresed the whole time).I sadly dropped the novel in the incubus chapter, not because this chapter was specially bad or anything, but because the story is not what I though it was, the comedy element  is  V A S T L Y  more prominent than what was shown in the first few chapters, to the point that the story dont have stakes or tension anymore. I'm sure that when they find the king, it will be some dumb thing like him staying in the dungeon because the last boss (presumably the widow) is too cute for him to leave or semething like that. I'm sure that the cloud meadow problem will be "just a prank" like the church. The gladiator thing will be won in a dumb manner too, I bet...

      Even if I'm wrong about the outcomes above, I don't have the heart to read this novel anymore. It was an amazing worldbuilding that the author simply threw in the trash. I recommend you to read as much of this novel as you can, because at some point it was really enjoyable, I just cant anymore.

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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 51

      Way better than the premise promised. It sounds like Slave Harem in Another World, but unlike that flat, bland, time waster, this one actually takes the time to explore the world and characters.

      Some things are pretty convenient, but what's new in an isekai series?

      In this short time, this author's been able to create a compelling plot and character duo, though the real test to their writing ability starts here.

      That said, I'd be willing to give this story a 4 or even better if the author didn't split up every chapter for cheap views.

      Releasing short chapters every day is bad (IMO), but further splitting those chapters into three every day and separating them by 30 minutes is a terrible abuse of the system.

      For that reason alone, I dropped the score quite a bit, and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of others who gave low stars but no review felt the same.

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      76 Likes · Like
      Status: c178

      tl;dr version of this review:

      I'm perfectly fine with reading a bad novel occasionally as it helps put into perspective what makes a good novel 'good', but this novel is a crime against literature itself. Not the subject matter, as I have zero problems with that, but the general quality of the writing is akin to toxic waste and the author blatantly could not care less. Pick almost any other random novel not by this author and you will do better than this.

      For a longer explanation:

      Oh gods, where do I even start.

      Plot holes, plot holes everywhere! In the first part alone, I was able to spot over half a dozen places where the author established something as fact and then proceeded to almost immediately contradict himself. For an early example of this; it is established that the MC is completely unable to read this world's language at all, yet when he goes into a shop selling accessories shortly afterwards the novel then tells us that each item on display has a small written note explaining their effects, and he checks out one of them.

      The general characterization of the characters themselves is close to non-existent, rather than try to create a rich world and make the characters feel full of life, the author seems to think that describing what somebody looks like and giving them a name is all you must do to create a compelling character. Rather than try to give them any life, he goes down the opposite route by making every non-main character a generic stick figure who gets referred to only by their title so that the main characters will stand out in comparison. After getting past the first three volumes, I still feel almost nothing for the first girl. Barely a few passing words are given to make the reader feel like they understand her on an emotional level; we know hardly anything about her that isn't readily available on the surface. In a completely different novel I am reading, it describes a random woman that was passing by the MC, and in that lone paragraph I felt like I understood that passer-by as a person better than the main girl of this one after over 150 chapters.

      The way the plot progresses is in a word, awful. I keep getting the impression that the author keeps losing control of where the plot is going and repeatedly must force it back on track however he can. This has led to many instances of the developments feeling artificial and contrived where some new ability is gained or discovered with impeccable timing, or characters make completely illogical and bizarre choices with little to no justification that coincidentally solve the author's problem. Assuming it doesn't happen simply "just because" with no further justification.

      If this was a new author's first attempt at writing or something, I would cut him some slack as everybody has to start somewhere - it's not, this guy claims to be a semi-professional author who's writing a bunch of novels and charging people for them as his day job. This book rips off a comparatively much better novel and is riddled with typos and similar errors that the author refuses to fix, in his own words because "If people want good quality they can come to my site and pay for it there." - absolutely no chance, I would sooner give my money to a random drug addict on the street than let him see a penny of it.

      The rating I'm giving is only because the site won't let me give a zero.

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      74 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 125

      This the author of this story had an interesting idea regarding the origin of labyrinths. This is a story element I don't recall reading in anywhere else, so that really got my hopes up for this story.

      Unfortunately though that one good idea was apparently all the author had to offer and by itself that's not enough to carry the rest of the story. The turning point for me happened when


      our slave-owning main character gave an impassioned speech about the evils of racism and the entire bus stood up and clapped, I mean the town decided to make him the mayor.


      If that scene was a parody it would be one thing but, no, I think the author was actually trying to be serious. This author literally has a toddler's level of understanding when it comes to group conflicts.

      There are other minor flaws in the story but they aren't worth mentioning. It's a shame that the author's one good idea had to be shackled to to this story. The concept really deserves a better treatment.

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      30 Likes · Like
      Status: c26

      One thing I noticed on most novels these days.

      1. The Protagonist does not have self confidence. (Typically no balls, always retreats before he even tried. I know that most of the argument of their authors are usually survivability. But think of it, if you have a protagonist that runs away immediately before the fight got even started. I mean look at this one for me its better for the Protagonist to taste defeat rather than running away it will give the story more color into it. Also look at this situation there are so many people that can save him if things go haywire yet he chose to runaway. If that is how you see it in your life you will not achieve anything. There was this one line that become popular before it is "We must fight to runaway" this words is the real deal, not the "lets runaway from a fight".)

      2. In terms of power Protagonist are usually overtaken by their girls. I mean literally their girls can kill them a thousand times already.

      3. Protagonist are too softhearted, if your style is to runaway before a fight then you have to be cruel enough, and not too magnanimous on every decision (Stop thinking with your d*ck). Those type of personalities just don't sync well enough. If these events were to happen in real life then be prepared to have a lot of funeral because your enemies will hit you hard where it hurt (EG: Killing those close to you before you.)

      4. There are many more but it will take too many words and im a lazy person to type those.

      P.S: I'm just saying my opinion and did not say I don't like the story after coming across this action. I'm not the type of person who will drop a novel just because there are some actions I hate. I will still give this novel a try but of course I have my own tolerance as im not a masochist if it hurts for me to read I will immediately drop it. Im not judging a novel by its Pre chapters who knows what will happen on later chapters right?.


      1. He realy lacks self confidence. He did not want to try even if that is one of his path to survive. If its not forced due to circumstances theres no way this gaysh*t will survive.

      2. He wants something but he was not working to get it. That is a bad example I just want to remind the authors that is not how the world works. And they have a lot of readers, what if some kid reads this and adopts it to his personality. You have contributed to the downfall of mankind there.

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      21 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 1

      The most tolerable story I hate.

      The grammar and style is nice and easy to read, flows well. It’s not particularly captivating, but it works. Furthermore there is errors in continuity/characters being misnamed.

      The story is heavily mediocre, it feels very stiff, as if an iron fist is directing the characters on their story. The main character is boring and dumb, he doesn’t think anything through, and has some extremely thick plot armour.

      The romantic interests are simpering slaves who are instantly loyal to the protagonist. 

      Too much is stacked in the protagonists favour and he still has too many troubles that are directly under his ability to effect.

      I greatly dislike this story.

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      20 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 310

      Starts good, but gets worse and worse as MC reveals he's stupider and stupider. In trying not to be a "murder hobo" he releases all the bandits trying to kill and rape his party and gives them money and job changes. Then the bandit group leader who is unrepentant and declares he'll get revenge he still lets live only for him to try to kill him in middle of a boss fight still trying to rape his girls and still he lets him live. That's just one example of his idiocy there were many more that led me to drop it, capping off with betting all his women to a completely unknown guy who he specifically mentions he cant see his stats, job, or skills before hand. Not the only time he gambles them either

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      17 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 308

      It’s power fantasy, but an enjoyable one, the MC is mostly a beta Japanese MC, the only part of this story I really hate is that the guy isn’t just low on self-esteem, he’s adamant about himself being trash: as of now he became handsome, relatively strong, has four girlfriends who are always saying they love him BUT still thinks they’ll leave him on the first opportunity, there’s a point where it stops being pitiful and becomes offensive to the girls

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      16 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 80

      I can't continue this novel anymore.  It started out fine but then the wtf moments started to pile up.  MC is clearly not suitable to be the MC.  

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      13 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 274

      It gets heavily annoying after 200 Chapters. As other reviews have stated, the MC not only doesn't grow but, he is even more bland than a typical character of this genre. 

      The actual structure of a chapter feels very "floaty" as if nothing wants to happen just so it can pad out an annoying essay. While the girls have personalities they get neutered half way through introducing the next sock.

      So, why am I giving it 3 stars? Never mind. Typing that out made me feel like a sellout. 2 it is. The story is somewhat enjoyable if you turn your brain off. The premise of how dungeons are is great and the highlights beside the smut (that is early on against SH rules as the author redirects to another site). Plot, as in why should I read this instead of actual porn? At such a ridiculous crawl you are better off watching a nature documentary.

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      11 Likes · Like
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