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/ Series / A Rose By Any Other Name [Quick Transmigration]
A Rose By Any Other Name [Quick Transmigration]
A Rose By Any Other Name [Quick Transmigration]
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Roselia thought her life was finally over, and she can peacefully slumber after her final duty was done.

She's lived two lifetimes now, the second much longer than the first. She's experienced a hundred year long revolution to free her world from alien invaders, was resurrected thousands of years later to fight another revolution against the corrupt magocracy that ruled tyrannically over Avalia's people, took over the job of a queen afterwards for over a thousand years, watched her fellow comrades fall into tyranny themselves and having to help another revolution succeed against her own kind, until finally getting the opportunity to rest after defeating and exiling her former comrades to uninhabitable worlds far from their home.

Her "reward" for all of her help was getting a better destination of exile since her kind was no longer needed or welcome on Avalia. No matter where she will land, she vowed to stay away from any destiny changing events similar to the ones that plagued her life. It would be great if she could take a vacation and retire to a nice plot of land and just farm.

...Fate has other plans for her.

The moment she stepped out of the Dimensional Portal, a synthetic sounding voice rang in her head.

[The Harem Rescue System has bound with the hostess. Please complete the tasks assigned to survive and reach the pinnacle of life. The first world has been loaded and is ready for you to enter.]

Roselia: ???
Roselia: Can I really never catch a break?!

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyGirls LoveHaremIsekaiSci-fi
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