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/ Series / Demon Lord Xander’s Journey Slaying Dragons and Heroes to Court a Shapeshifting Cat Girl
Demon Lord Xander’s Journey Slaying Dragons and Heroes to Court a Shapeshifting Cat Girl
Demon Lord Xander’s Journey Slaying Dragons and Heroes to Court a Shapeshifting Cat Girl
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Disgraced after a crushing defeat at the hands of the hero party, with the help of his mortal enemy, Demon Lord Xander sets off on a journey spanning countless worlds slaying dragons and heroes all to court a stupid cat.

ActionAdventureComedyIsekaiRomanceSlice of Life
Artificial Intelligence Demon Lord Demons Dragon Slayers Dragons Dungeons Evil Gods Game Elements Goddesses Gods Heroes Kingdoms Male Protagonist Mismatched Couple Protagonist Falls in Love First Unlucky Protagonist Weak to Strong World Hopping
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  1. Prologue.Apr 22, 2021
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