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A LitRPG. Using soul technology, his soul is placed into the game.

Setback after finally reaching the 20th floor, he sets the game known as 'Tethralin' to the Hardcore difficulty. Then, blaming his bad luck, puts all his attributes into Luck! How far will he make it now? Can someone truly rely on luck to survive on their last life? Or will his impulsive decision lead to his downfall? What does luck really even do?

Ability Steal Adventurers Alternate World Demons Determined Protagonist Fantasy World Game Elements Level System Lottery Lucky Protagonist Magic Monsters RPG Skill Assimilation Skill Creation Sword And Magic Transported into a Game World Weak to Strong
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      New Kirokikaze
      Status: chapter 20: the hub; multiplayer active
      Jun 14, 2019

      I'm a person who really doesn't give a review but this story here deserve it. The protagonist, zeryn is a person who is betrayed by his gang because he used an easy mode in this some kind of virtual reality game while other use hard mode. Not only that but the life that are provided he have use all but one and with that one last life he use it to enter hardcore mode and in this game if you lose all live you really die. This is the start of his so unlucky but lucky journey (seriously he put all point in his luck albeit kind of forcefully by the system). The protagonist are not someone with good strength, not quite brilliant like some other protagonist (what did they eat to get that kind of smart) and not brave too but he tried and how he tried feel more real to me because if I'm in his situation I'm gonna think and be like him because I'm just normal human with normal brain. He gradually getting stronger and getting more good in controlling his situation. There also no loli (bless you author) no romance yet (I hope no) and especially no harem. Because truthfully this story really focus how to survive and get out of the game. Not to mention in hardcore mode it seem like he transported to the real world instead of game. Try to read it and you will understand how a normal human play virtual game in hardcore mode with luck attribute.

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