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Hogwarts Reimagined
Hogwarts Reimagined
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Cover by Babbles, who can be found at . Thankyou SO much, I love it! I'm sorry it took me this long to put it up!
A retelling of the excanon series through the eyes of a young trans main character, Rhiannon. Rather than at first directly changing canon events I have chosen to instead have characters react to them more realistically, causing some actions that happened in canon to have greater consequences and by this ripple effect gradually altering the story. Because excanon was a war story sanitised for children, it IS going to get dark at times. Sometimes for a few chapters at a time. But I am writing that dark on purpose because excanon didn't do any of it emotional justice, and I am writing a stronger found family & friend circle for my main character, because we can survive all kinds of darkness if we stand together.
Remember: Being trans is not a tragedy. Being disabled is not a tragedy. Being queer is not a tragedy. And even though in the real world we don't get to be heroes, our lives are worth living and we deserve to be able to live them safely and free of abuse. This is not a story for everyone. This is a story for us.
My intent when I started out was to breathe new life into something I've loved for many years, and then as I carried on I realised just how *badly* it's written, how weak the plotting and characters are and how little emotional response there is to what is frankly some pretty horrifying content, so I took it upon myself to write stronger emotional responses and consequences for what excanon content I kept. Remember - this is derivative fiction. Even when it looks identical on the surface, I may well have something quietly plotting away in the background - and if you come into this expecting it to BE like excanon because in places it LOOKS like excanon, I will not be responsible for when your expectations aren't met.
So I made this my own. Initially it stays fairly close to the plotline but diverges after the first few chapters. I shaped Harry from my own experiences and the way I had always related to the character, and gave character to what had previously been nothing but cardboard cutouts. Essentially this is me trying to bring back the magic of the world, the way it should have been. I know this will not appeal to everyone, but I hope queer people like myself, and Jewish folks and people of colour hurt by the racism and antisemitism of the original author, will find some joy in it but most of all disabled people - this one's for us. She said the wizarding world would 'cure' disabilities, and eugenics is not a future I ever want for us. Our lives are worth living and our heroes are worth writing.
I don't like what the original author stands for, I don't like that she took what could have been beautiful and injected so much racism and other bigotry into stories for children. I don't like that she uses her platform to promote people who want me dead. And I am tired of having to tell people all of this and why when you should know it already - so I put my energy into something creative that challenges her canon events instead.
As yet, I have not written in romance, but there are romantic and queerplatonic relationships planned for future content.
A note that many characters have had their names changed because of original content racism.

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Harry Potter
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    Status: chamber of secrets 20 – polyjuice palaver

    This is a review from someone whose only Harry Potter experience thus far has been the movies and memes. As such, this is one of my first deeper dive into the written lore, and the fact that it is queer and neuroA-minded makes it even better.

    In this story, ArdentlyQueer writes a clearly superior and more realistic portrayal of the trauma resulting what has basically been eleven years of abuse.

    That result in a story that has thus far been about healing and friendship first, and heroics second.

    Also, not having read the original books, it's not always obvious to me which events came from the original canon and which are new. Shows some great storytelling consistency!

    All in all, that's a warm recommendation from me, but just don't go in expecting lots of flashy heroics ;)

    Read More

    4 Likes · Like
    Status: prisoner of azkaban 27 – storm to...

    I've read the original 7 books of Harry Potter, many time, and seen the movies even more. I've read countless fanfictions, wether it be from Harry's point of veiw, or a new character in the timeline, whether that be at the current age, or either in Voldemorts time in school, or the Maurauder era. 

    And yet... this is the only one out of all of them that sung to me. After the first $ew chapters, I found myself drawn in to the characters, loving this reimagining of a familiar world even more than any of the others that have tried. This story is my new favorite, and I wish that this world we live in could be reset so that this could be the original! I will be sticking with our dear author till the end, no matter what hapoens, and hope everyone else finds as much enjoyment in this brave new world as I have so far.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: goblet of fire 13 – a whirling...

    This is exactly what the title promises: Hogwarts reimagined. An incredibly ambitious project when you look at the size of it. 

    ArdentlyQueer really wrote everything you might want to know about the story in the description, so go read that if you want to know more about the fanfic content wise. I will just add that it is well thought through.

    I like faer writing style really well. At first I thought xe would stay close to the book in writing style but as the story deviated from the books, the writing style did too. The traumatic experiences are vivid, the fluffy scenes cozy, the emotions just seem real.

    So if you want to see queer representation, traumatic experiences being described much more realistically than in the source material or if you just want to read a Harry Potter fanfic that has more than 400.000 words, then you might want to read this. And please only form your opinion after you read the first book.

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