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/ Series / The Reincarnation of Alysara
The Reincarnation of Alysara
The Reincarnation of Alysara
320.8k Views 9909 Favorites 94 Chapters 3 Chapters/Week 1625 Readers
4.9 (177 ratings)
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After being reincarnated as a busty fox-like race in a fantasy world filled with magic and mysteries Alysara finds herself blinded after reaching too far for something she should not have. Now she must train her ability to sense the mana around her and discover what mana and magic really is to see. 

This story has been inspired by Azarinth Healer with a similar system yet changed enough to be new and interesting.

This will feature a lot of progression, of discovery, and once the MC grows up, fighting.

ActionAdventureFantasyGender BenderIsekaiLitRPGMatureSlice of Life
Age Progression Beautiful Female Lead Blind Protagonist Caring Protagonist Character Growth Child Protagonist Conditional Power Crafting Cute Protagonist Determined Protagonist Dungeons Fairies Fantasy World Fast Learner Female Protagonist Futanari Game Elements Genius Protagonist Heterochromia Humanoid Protagonist Language Barrier Magic Protagonist with Multiple Bodies Reincarnation Selfless Protagonist
Table of Contents 94
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Table of Contents
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    New Saver
    Status: chapter 86: war

    Well written.  didn't expect it to be this good

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    Status: chapter 44: test flights.

    Don't be fooled by the cover art or synopsis: this novel is deceptively good and neither of them do the story any justice unless you read it yourself. Reincarnation of Alysara is a truly immersive fantasy novel with fantastic world building and a realistic, logical main character that you could relate with. The story follows the main character who is reincarnated into a world by a god. There's no OP power or anything balance-breaking given. Alysara only gets a relatively normal bonus, with everything she gains after being purely her own efforts and struggles. 

    The novel is a slow-burn story, with it following Alysara's growth and progress through life from being a baby and child. There's constant progress of the story despite the slowness and the world-building is gradually told throughout all the chapters rather than any dense info dumps on the reader. This novel is very realistic in that there's no plot armor felt. There's no isekai protagonist ticket that lets her smoothly get everything she needs. Real consequences and dangers are shown for Alysara and sacrifices sometimes have to be made for her own goals or wishes.

    Everyone around the main character has a real influence on her, as should be the case for any child, isekai protagonist or not. Her family is there to nurture her as she grows while the community around her gives her a sense of belonging and purpose of life. All of them are given proper backgrounds, history, and personality regardless of significance which helps bring realism to the story.

    The potential for this story is really great, with all the world building showing that what is currently shown is but a very small, isolated corner of the world. As of now, the story is still in its early stage, following the childhood growth of Alysara. For how it'll continue after is still left to be told, with only hints here and there about how it will be.

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    Status: chapter 68: boss rush

    Man, this story went so far beyond my expectations. I got here through the 'Blind Protagonist' tag, and got intrigued because the summary mentioned the protagonist learning to see through sensing mana, so I decided to give it a go.

    So first off, to discuss some of the tags. While this story does have the Gender Bender tag the story doesn't go into that topic too much. It's there but has little to no effect. The Isekai tag is also not too relevant, apart from it making Aly a child with the maturity of an adult, and giving her ideas that people from this fantasy world wouldn't come to.

    The Futanari tag might scare some people away, but I implore those people to ignore that tag. Contrary to a lot of stories with that tag, this one isn't smut, isn't ecchi, hell, it isn't even romance.

    This story isn't a fast-paced action story. It has a somewhat slow pace, and tends to focus on Alysara studying mana or trying to grow stronger. The story does grow into a story with more fighting later on, but that takes a good 50 chapters.

    A lot of stories would become incredibly stale and boring if they were just the protagonist studying something for like 50 chapters with only some interactions with other characters and very few action scenes in between, but this one makes it work because of its worldbuilding.

    Not only is the magic system incredibly detailed compared to most other stories with a similar setting, but because we learn about this system alongside Alysara, we learn about it even more in-depth than most other characters in this story. It also helps that it doesn't feel like you're just watching from the sidelines. You learn about this system alongside Aly. Any setback to her feels like a setback for you and any success for her feels like one for you.

    Of course, there's more to the world than just that system, but learning about this world is probably best enjoyed alongside Aly. I could go on about this story for a long while, but I'm not here to write a book. So to conclude, I thoroughly recommend this story to basically anyone.

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    Status: chapter 52: Rival

    A lovely story so far. I'd give it a 4.8/5 or so if I could, but it's worth the 5 stars.

    The pros:

    The main character is likable, logical, and has actual empathy toward others. (Uncommon in the the reincarnation genre) Alysara is quite powerful, but not in an obnoxious way - she's quite grounded, and thinks about her community and family more often than not. There's a price for her talent, and it's not sailing through life easily. There are a few cases where she pulls inventions and novel idea out with unnatural quickness, but this makes sense, and it isn't overwhelming in the narrative.

    The worldbuilding is amazing. You really feel like Alysara is living in a real place. Her people have innate skills that make sense with their history, and their general strengths and weaknesses just add to that. The presence of futanari makes sense, and isn't just a thrown in kink. There's real attachment to her family, and the local culture influences her. I look forward to seeing how the greater world works, and how the culture clash between races might pan out.

    The magic system caught me off guard at first, but it's grown on me. More importantly, it's consistent and has enough variety to keep things fresh.

    The cons:

    There are some grammar errors here and there, but I think this is a case where the author has improved over time.

    A few chapters are a little excessive with the skill-ups and stats.

    There are times where characters' tones are very similar. A goddess might speak like an elder who might speak like a parent. It's only really noticeable occasionally.

    Overall: It's really worth a read through. I binged the story in a few days and can't wait for more.

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    Status: chapter 25: paths

    It is especially good at world building and have logical, realistic character interactions. Story is slow burn. Lit rpg system is good and logical, not breaking immersion while giving the progression feeling succesfully. I really like it overall and if you give it a go you probably will too.

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    Status: chapter 21: the aftermath

    I am not good at review nor at explaining what I think, so do not expect anything constructive, but.

    While chapter 21, it is good, it shows great world-building and a story that builds itself very well.

    The setup is good, and while not being too slow, it takes time to go through.

    This was my attempt at reviewing, if you want a quick conclusion to my review: it is good, go read it and get your opinion.

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    Status: chapter 59: three tails

    This is quite good. I like Azarinth Healer and the author mentioning that as a inspiration brought me into the reading. The story is good, immersive worldbuilding is especially nice. It has some slice-of-life pacing without losing sight of the big picture as it moves along, with occasional Global Notifications keeping us informed of big plot stuff happening over the horizon, but that's just the preview for later shenanigans, as she's growing and learning in her home islands.

    So, it's good, you won't regret giving it a peek!

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    Status: chapter 61: structuring order

    Since I don't want to make a long review i'll just say this, the book has a great system and the main character doesn't feel brokenly overpowered or anything like that... the world has been designed well and the author put a lot of work into it.

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