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My Own Isekai
My Own Isekai
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WARNING! Possible gore/blood and ecchi in future chapters, definitely strong language. I'll add the ecchi genre when I actually get to the ecchi. Don't read this if you aren't 16 or older, preferably 18 or over. Don't count on consistent releases, I'm just doing this for fun.

New writer here. Don't expect too much out of the story. criticism preferred. I'm not too sure what tags I should put there, so put a comment on which tags should be there. No picture cuz I can't find a good one :(

Most people have read an isekai story before. If you haven't, go read one right now. But many people are tired of WACK mc's, getting lead around by the nose by some girl who appeared out of the woodwork. This time, our mc avoids those cliché plot situations, so no falling and grabbing a fistful of... or something like that. This time, we won't be led around. Or at least, the mc won't. Otherwise, It's a pretty basic isekai story.

This is not a story you can count on leaving for a month and coming back, seeing 15 more chapters. Expect 2 months or more per chapter, at the least.

ALSO, this is literally just my fantasies/to do's for an isekai all written up in a story. Don't expect professionalism, don't expect a nice, well written story.

I have no patreon or anything similar, so If you wanna donate (which probably isn't the case), keep your money.

Sorry for the long description.

Cold Protagonist Distrustful Protagonist Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation Ruthless Protagonist
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