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/ Series / On the Self-Cultivation of a Madman (QT)
On the Self-Cultivation of a Madman (QT)
On the Self-Cultivation of a Madman (QT)
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Mysterious Description:
Most people don't know his last name.
A friendly, sunny and foolish boy in everyone's mind.
They say he nearly died for a man.
But... is that all of him?

Friendly Description:
Join Ren( and Zet!) with his system (and a random freak guy) as they travel through various worlds!
See them inhabit various identities and experience their adventures!
There'd be monsters (figuratively and literally), beasts (figuratively and literally) and HUGE (literally) conspiracies!
Few things I want to say:
1. I'm a newbie so please forgive me! *kneels*
2. If you spot any errors in grammar and spelling please do tell~
3. The flow might not be too good and there might be some filler chapters.
4. The protagonist's morals are broken and must not be imitated and nor do I advertise copying him.
5. Student party~ Updates are very disjointed/random.

AdventureBoys LoveComedyFantasy
Doting Love Interests Multiple Personalities Older Love Interests Persistent Love Interests Transmigration World Hopping
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