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/ Series / The zombie I raised is an adult
The zombie I raised is an adult
The zombie I raised is an adult
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Xiao Tuanzi Lu Ling woke up and found that the world had become the end of the world described in the book. Not to mention, his parents had just died because they were scratched by zombies! ! Fortunately, she still had a "little partner" Dame and her depended on each other for life. Lu Ling took Dame on the road to survival in the last days.... Without the correct guidance of his parents, the partners around Lu Ling became more and more weird "Uncle" , I remember you, you sing very well, go home with Ling'er, Ling'er hasn't listened to a lullaby for a long time." "That little brother looks really good-looking, take it away" ... After a long time, Lu Lingcai Knowing that the partners she brought home were all zombies, but they were raised by her and turned into human beings.

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