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/ Series / After getting reincarnated, I pretend to have an amnesia
After getting reincarnated, I pretend to have an amnesia
After getting reincarnated, I pretend to have an amnesia
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3.6 (35 ratings)
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Shizuka Sato is a highschool girl that died because of an accident and got sent to an another world. To avoid getting in trouble she pretends to have an amnesia.

Author's Note:
>> The story every chapter is short
>> I'm using my phone to write this, so there must be some typo that I didn't notice.
>> The grammar is also bad, I'm sorry about that...

Amnesia Demon Lord Demons Fantasy World Female Protagonist Non-human Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist Summoned Hero
Table of Contents 65
Reviews 3
Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 41 – abere and kira

    I have read your story, and you have some wrong grammar/bad grammar somewhere on the chapters. But the story is still good so far, keep it up!

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    Status: chapter 33 – alpha

    First time writing a review, so it will suck

    The plot is over all good, but there are multiple issues sprinkled across it. The story will have a place in my heart since it has believable characters and plot armor.

    The dialogue is top tier, and believable. 

    Only major issue preventing a 5 star rating is the bad grammar, it isn't that bad since the story is still readable. 

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    1 Likes · Like

    Hello, I've just read your story and I find it interesting. It's funny and I think is great to spend some time relaxing.

    If I can suggest something I recommend more explanation and background for the character decisions, like sending her to school as a maid when that will undermine the status of her lady while she already has a low status (or so it seems). 

    The interactions among the characters are quite spontaneus and I find that refreshing, no schemes or anything. But the mind of Lilith seems quite distorted, is the demon body inhibiting the ability to feel empathy?

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