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/ Series / I Am The Only Human In Another World
I Am The Only Human In Another World
I Am The Only Human In Another World
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Rex was poisoned and died in the parking lot of a local diner. He worked at an arms manufacturing plant, as a nameless engineer. He died in his middle age and left behind all his regrets.

He did not see any bright lights, nor did his life flash before his eyes. He just felt burning hot pain, that eventually became numbness. He was then carried from this world as death claimed him.

When he next opened his eyes, he had returned to his youth. The world he found himself in wasn't his own though. He was in a mine on an island. He discovered he might be the only human in this world. Finding himself forced to labor in the mines if he wanted to eat, he began planning to leave the island.

Rex will quickly realize it doesn't matter where he goes when he is the only one of his race. He will discover magic, and try to build a new civilization. He will aim to build a country free of war. This is the story of the legacy he will attempt to build, as the only human in the world. Surrounded by different points of view, and cultures, Rex will have to grow to overcome any obstacles he may meet.

This is my first work on the website. It will be updated every week with extra chapters when I have time.

I also go deep into some things like modern weapons, and how they work, Rex is supposed to be an engineer after all. This is way more in-depth than other books I have personally read, but do not attempt any of this at home. None of the information is complete, you will more than likely harm yourselves.

Warning: this book contains, swearing, scenes of sexual intercourse, death, rape, depression, grief, and depictions of cruelty.

I have done a thorough clean-up on the book and removed a lot of errors, so it should read pretty well now. If you see any errors that bother you please point them out.

The cover was commissioned from Deimocrates#6285. If you like his work you can contact him via email or discord for his rates. [email protected]

My discord can be found here:

Age Progression Alchemy Arms Dealers Army Building Artifact Crafting Artifacts Beastkin Bullying Calm Protagonist Clever Protagonist Crafting Demi-Humans Demons Depictions of Cruelty Domestic Affairs Dungeons Engineer Firearms Human-Nonhuman Relationship Industrialization Kingdom Building Male Protagonist Monsters Pirates Weak Protagonist
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    Status: the mainland war – chapter 3

    This a good novel but it has its negative sides. While I will make this review I will try to describe a little the focus of the novel without spoiling it. The novel is good, because it has an interesting plot and the MC follow a plausible line of thought and he's properly formed. The second main character has her personality mildly developed, the good thing is that the author wrote two chapters with her point of view that where refreshing and quite interesting. I believe he did the good thing by not writing more chapters of her point of view. That's because of  the main problem of this novel, but I will write about it later. The  others characters aren't that developed but it isn't a problem since the novel is focused on the main protagonist. Since the protagonist is a reincarnated engeener that developed weapons and worked with chemicals  the process of making them is described with a lot of details, while at the start it can be interesting it can became a bit boring with the proceeding of the novel. The style of the novel is quite good although in same place it can be described as a bit rushed, main culprit the long absence of dots.  Now let's describe the main problem of the novel that made me give only 3 stars. It is very simple: the society in which the protagonist find himself is composed by... MORONS!!  And it's only get a TAD better with the proceeding of the novel!! Mind you I'm  talking about the female protagonist  only! The others remain morons... and since this is a society where the strong is respected and the protagonist is weak, he's treated like sh*t or air in the best cases! To understand how weak he is just try to understand that this is practically a magic society where it's normal for kids to be strong as our adults and he is like, and almost literally, a weakly-sick  human child of 8 years old from Earth that has his growth stumped. Consider that almost up to my chapter he is considered and treated by some  as a pet that the female protagonist decided to keep!! (Not the the others are better) This and the fact that her society is made by morons  make the novel sometimes unbereable...

     I will made an example with a little spoiler to let you understand:

    Council of war in the second floor of a store, the reason of this location it's not clear to the female protagonist and the main protagonist for different reasons, and annoying ones. A succubi (that is the race of the female protagonist) made a report:- the A race attacked the city of the B race with inflammable projectiles that are pathetic comparing them to our ones. End of the report. The protagonist HAS to ask the questions to the female protagonist that HAS to repeat them at loud voice because they wouldn't give a f**k about him or they would give a short response. After the female protagonist (F.M) ask the questions she expects to be praised for her efforts. (Please understand how bad their intellect is if she is the smartest of the race and expect praise after Just repeating questions.) After the M.C pat her (they all waited for him to do it and made a nod of approval after he did it) the succubi answer the questions and protagonist is the only one, of course, to realise how bad the situation is.  When he tries to explain it to the F.M. (obviously the other succubis started to chat between each other because it was too boring to wait for the protagonist to explain) and he tries to explain the countermeasures that they have to make the only thing she can think is : WOHOHO new weapons! New enemies to kill!


    That's it. I Hope it was helpful and if you can bear with it I'm sure you will enjoy it!

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    Status: the mainland war – chapter 29

    A quirky little story. It's a strange mix.

    On one hand you have the silly. Many of the characters outside the main core are one dimensional and almost caricatures. The protagonist singlehandedly does his best to uplift an entire species of a few thousand in decades rather than centuries. Most of the protagonists seem borderline sociopathic in the amount of death and destruction they inflict without a hint of hesitation.

    On the other hand, you have a pretty good portrayal of a nonhuman mindset in the Succubi. The world has some ingenious explanations for the way nature works. The two main protagonists legitimately care for each other, even if they are rather dense about it. 

    If you decide to read it, give it half a dozen chapters. It starts off very rocky, but finds its groove soon enough. If you don't take things too seriously, it's a fun romp. My biggest complaint is that it focuses a little too hard on the making of things and not quite enough on character growth outside a handful of characters.

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    Status: taking a break

    A story very much reminiscent of "Release that Witch" in terms of how the world building and industries and technological progress is written out - but more comedy that serious.

    The comedy is very situtational and brought out by the absurdity if the inhabitants of this world, from the perspective of a "normal" human like us. 

    It slaps.

    The author isn't shy about gore/NSFW, sometimes unexpected (some feel as if it's forced for shock value, I thought it was funny) ways but that's the charm of the novel. Do you really expect human logic in a fantasy world?

    The author clearly has done significant research onto the topics that he introduces, making sure to make it as logically infallable as possible and it  feels like I'm learning but author keeps it entertaining enough so that I don't simply glance over the technical bits.

    The characters are 3 dimensional, with their own motivations, aspirations and quirks. All POVs are fun to read for once. And I'm someone who hate frequents POV changes.

    The MC character progression is also one of the more "realistic" that i've seen in this website, he doesn't just immedietely earn his fame, he has to slowly earns trust and build friendships but still has to go through traditions to become a leader in a godforsaken island where he was dumped as a slave with no mana. All while overcoming his hesitance and introversion to be a leader figure just cos anyone else in that position would immeditely f**k everything up for him if he let them be.

    I f**king love it.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: the mainland war – chapter 38 (battle...

    not everyone like this story but at least y do its a great work its not Extremely realistic but its a Fantasy story so its very munch okay the story is fun the plot is as thick as a sucub tight and the multi switch of pov for the diferent "event" is great !

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    3 Likes · Like

    The protagonist started off really interesting but as things went on it became clear that the initiative he had early on disappeared and he was just a puppet to the succubus while fine he then went on to support them without any good reason to do so. Aiding morally dubious groups is fine and all but they must have a better reason then Stockholm syndrome especially for a protagonist.

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    Status: the mainland war – chapter 24 (face...

    This is hands down one of my favorite books on this website and this author is my number 1 favorite. He takes things slowly, but very deliberately. The action, the plot, the dialogue, the backgrounds, everything is flawless. I have absolutely no complaints and anyone who rates this a 1 star is very clearly lacking an extreme amount of braincells.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: taking a break

    TLDR: It's a story with too many info dumps about the crafting for my liking and the first arc is a mess with POVs switching around too often. But the author has improved a lot and the 2nd arc is much more likeable.

    Pros: I'd give the 2nd arc 4 stars.

    1. Good world building: The strange things in the plot have a reason to occur and not just explained as "because it's magic". There's a science behind, and the MC is in the process of discovering it. History is also relevant and while a little late, the author has been integrating it properly in the 2nd arc.

    2. Original and interesting story

    3. Makes me laugh with the "brain challenged" succubus race. Another review mentions everyone as a moron, but while there are plenty of dumb people, there's also some who aren't "challenged" (like in real life). It's normal to have a lot of morons in a world where strength is king. In the 2nd arc things become less simple and more intelligent characters appear if this bother anyone too much.

    4. Author improved: While it still has grammar errors and POV switching, it's a lot better than in the first arc.

    Cons: I'd give the first arc 1 1/2 stars.

    1. Stressful: The MC has little control and is pushed around while he does little to assert himself. Even when he becomes capable of protecting himself, he just lets himself be mistreated and rarely stands up for himself.

    2. Grammar: You'll have to muddle through the first chapters but it's gotten a lot better.

    3. Too much POV switching: I get that it's important to switch POV so we can see more of what's happening. But in the first arc it's just too much. You can have a POV change 3-4 times in one chapter, which instead of fulfilling stresses you. This leaves the reader with 3-4 very short stories in which there's too little content. And when this is done often, the story becomes a drag to follow, since one is expecting the following chapter to also have very little progress. If the author organizes the POVs of the first arc so we only get 1 or 2 per chapter, the story would be a lot more fun to read.

    4. Info dumps: while I do like understanding the crafting, the author tends to use too many details and explanations. You may get a chapter with almost only info dumps which makes the story lag and leaves the reader feeling as if nothing happened.

    Not to discourage the Author though. He/she has improved a lot and I think it has good potential. If the story was reviewed and held to the standards of the last chapters I've read I'd give it a solid 4 stars. (Not 5 because the MC stresses me out sometimes, but that's just a problem with me and not a story flaw. And because I like faster paced stories).

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    Status: taking a break

    This is good, and I can assure you, this is a novel about a world that has not seen what a good engineer can do, and when the engineer arrives he is not blessed with frame armor he turns Dictator no, he does what an engineer came to the world, Make people's lives better 

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