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/ Series / Quick Transmigration Of The Divine Phoenix
Quick Transmigration Of The Divine Phoenix
Quick Transmigration Of The Divine Phoenix
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She was a peerless genius that everyone envied but suddenly she had congenital heart disease, which ruined her life but she didn’t give instead she was more encouraged to work on.

Then came her half-sister, who was the apple of her eyes. She always loved her sister, pampered her and spoiled her but at the end she was still killed by her sister.

But, she didn’t hate her sister instead, she laughed at herself mockingly and wondered with her lonely spirit.

If there is a goal, so only then can one reason.

After death, she was bound to find the Glory of the Goddess system.


Counterattacking the female lead….

Female lead sacrificing her own best friend.......

Just you female lead wait and see, this classmate will sacrifice you instead....

Dumping the scum ex-boyfriend again….

Boyfriend-male lead dumping the cannon fodder-me for the Bai Yueguang, white moonlight-female lead...

You scum, wait right there, I will make you cry with regrets for dumping me and will dump you more grandly, so don't worry....

Destroying the reborn younger-sister with low IQ….

Me, the cannon fodder older sister, is accused by the stupid younger-sister female lead who is reborn, of killing her and stealing her life.....

Oh, no you must be kidding me, I am a superstar, your idol, silly, so just worship or else I chop of your head....

Making the cheating couple suffer….

Cheating behind my back, how dare you!
Female lead-sama, don't you feel guilty for destroying others family!

How about this, I will give you a discount with my counterattack, so first give me my hubby back and I will make sure also you family is in chaos, that's it.

Wait-wait, my family's husband is already back, so...I decide to take the discount back, goodbye, try you best to have a good day....

Fighting with the imperial harem beauties........

The white-lotus imperial consort female lead is once again shamelessly seducing my hubby male lead, the Emperor, what to do now? Looking at him carefully, I can see husband is ignoring the female lead and then.....he is looking at me!

And wait why do I need to commit adultery with my own husband?

What is with female lead again, she is actually trying to commit adultery with my husband, I will break her legs, let's see then where she runs to.
Female lead-sama, look my hubby is coming here to look for and go to commit adultery, not you, hehe!


What kind of other drama was left for her to see anymore?

But most importantly, why is the entruster’s…..uncle a complete pervert and why are all the males around me glaring at me with those intense glances….

But why is it that every time she transmigrates, all the supporting male leads, even including male lead always clings onto her, hmph, so troublesome! I only did the things according to the additional tasks, ok! I already have a husband, don't need to purse me..................

Hey, if you want to be clingy, go to the female leads nest, why come to me!

And why are task becoming more twisted and illogical, ah, a complete nonsense storyline again!

System, this madam, wants a reasonable explanation for these problems, I need a answer!

“System, what task is left there for me to do, now?”

“Host, this is a special task, which is to save the blackened male lead and capture his fragile heart.”

“What the-…”

“Host, you can’t use inappropriate language in front of the system, if you do, 1000 of your points will get deducted.”

So, she reluctantly agreed.

Afterwards, when both she and the male lead, nope, now it should be her hubby, both fell in love with each other at first sight.

He was the ray of life in her cold heart.....

So was she the eternal love that his soul longed for…..

Life after life and world after world, they will meet each other again.......

AdventureFantasyGender BenderHistoricalMartial ArtsRomanceSchool LifeSci-fiSlice of Life
Acting Ancient China Aristocracy Arranged Marriage Assassins Beautiful Couple Beautiful Female Lead Businessmen Calm Protagonist Carefree Protagonist Charming Protagonist Childcare Clever Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Cute Children Early Romance Familial Love Famous Protagonist Fearless Protagonist God Protagonist Goddesses Handsome Male Lead Pregnancy System Administrator World Hopping
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