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/ Series / My Reverse Life
My Reverse Life
My Reverse Life
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(DISCLAIMER!! : English is not my first language. I am still learning. I used grammarly fix it. But in the end is not perfect.

You've been warned)

My name is Ari, A rich second generation. My parents have spoiled me since when I was a baby. I live my life like I am a king. I am a winner in life. Until one day, my father offends someone he should not offend. My life suddenly turns 180 and life becomes miserable. Later, I died, killed by my own mother who loses her own reason.

When I woke up and find myself becoming one of the twin daughters from an ordinary family. I swear to god that I will live my life to the fullest and not fooling around anymore.

I will live my life as Miyazaki Aria.

~~~ExStory ~~~

Irana reincarnated into alternative world where Esper and monster exists. Even so, ordinary people didn't know the existence of Esper and Monster. She didn't remember who she was in her past life, but she have the knowledge clearly embedded in her head.

She is an Esper with Ice element power system (cryokinesis). Having been into harsh training under her father since age 7. She is highly skilled in combat and easily overpowered her opponent in one v one. Not so much in group battle. Her Elder sister, Miyazaki Aria, is also an esper with a highly dangerous power that needs to stay unawakened. She gets instructed to never let her Elder sister ever found out about Esper and her power to avoid an awakening incident. Irana vow to herself to take her duty seriously, protect her elder sister, and make sure her power never gets awaken.

ActionComedyGender BenderSlice of Life
Cute Protagonist Cute Story Girl's Love Subplot Loyal Subordinates Male to Female Misunderstandings Modern Day Multiple Protagonists Overpowered Protagonist Past Trauma Reincarnation Secret Identity Siblings Care Sister Complex Twins Younger Brothers Younger Sisters
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      New FoolishSociopath
      Status: c18

      Nice 👍... hope there will be more pov for irana and more misunderstandings...

      Read More

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