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/ Series / Hello, what happened to my plot armor?
Hello, what happened to my plot armor?
Hello, what happened to my plot armor?
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Yoshi being a devote believer of the reincarnation truck, is finally blessed with its holy headlights and hard bumper.
Yoshi: Finally! Here I come, another world. The holy sword that comes with a pure saint dedicating her life to me, the riches that come with the legal-loli thief, the tsundere female knight, and the princess that hand me the kingdom and the armies.
Yoshi-alt-ego: Pitiful, master Yoshi. Why stop at 4, add a dragon wife, elf elder, a succubus dominatrix, a dwarf, bunny girl, tiger girl, dog-eared girl, all the girls.
Yoshi-other-ego: Fufufu, with all these girls, I do not need to lift a finger.
Yoshi-alt-ego: You do need to lift one finger, huhuhehehe.
Yoshi: ahah-ee-hehe-uhuhuh
Doctor: um, he will live for now but ... I am sorry, he has a severe cervical fracture. We also found a tumor...
*chink* (crack in the plot armor)

So good children should be careful of what they wish for since they might end up like our Yoshi with the thinnest, thinner than hair plot armor.

ComedyEcchiFantasyHaremIsekaiLitRPGMartial ArtsMaturePsychological
Army Building Business Management Character Growth Domestic Affairs Doting Parents Economics Fantasy Creatures Kingdom Building Leadership Monster Society Mutations Personality Changes Philosophical Polygamy Pregnancy Weak to Strong Yandere
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