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/ Series / The Count’s Daughter Is A Real Villainess
The Count’s Daughter Is A Real Villainess
The Count’s Daughter Is A Real Villainess
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The Count's daughter, Elena De Heuser, had unfortunately fallen in a tragic event. At that time, her soul resonated strongly with another soul in the void. The supposed villainess would have her life turn around and achieve something more.
It was a rare chance, a one in a trillion but it happened. Something horrible took notice of the resonance and switched places with them. A fate that had been twisted was twisted even further. Perhaps it was a good thing for her or perhaps not.
(I make the cover with photoshop by mashing a few stuff on the internet. I don't remember the sources. Please don't kill me.)

Accelerated Growth Artifact Crafting Artificial Intelligence Beautiful Female Lead Body Tempering Broken Engagement Calm Protagonist Cheats Corruption Curious Protagonist Demon Lord Depictions of Cruelty Dragons Elemental Magic Female Protagonist Game Elements Genetic Modifications Magic Nobles Otome Game Overpowered Protagonist R-18 Reincarnated into a Game World Reincarnated into Another World Villainess Noble Girls
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