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Aperio had been a slave for as long as she could remember. She toiled away in the palace of her masters, her body forced to obey, her mind no longer caring that she did. Her only joy was the small inconveniences an error in her work could bring, the resulting punishment a small price to pay. When the news came she was to be sacrificed in a grand ritual, she welcomed it—for most, death was a cause for grief and mourning, but for Aperio, it was her only way out.

However, during the final stages, something went wrong. Fate intervened, and Aperio found herself in a world she no longer knew, with powers beyond her wildest dreams. No longer a slave to the Empire, she set out to find her place in the world, and enjoy true freedom for the first time in her life.


This story will have a few different kinds of chapters that are going to be posted:

[Arc title - Chapter X: Chapter Name] These will follow Aperio directly and tell her story.

[Side Story - Story POV X: Story Name] These tell stories that either impact the whole world, are a consequence of Aperio’s actions or as a way to introduce a new character/organization/place.

[Lore - Legends X: Legend Name] These will be small in-universe lore posts that are tangentially relevant to the current story (be it main arc or sidestory). Most will be in the form of an entry in the ‘Book of Legends’.

I will try to post one real chapters – so either the current arc or a side story – every week. Legends will be posted when they are relevant but will not impact regular releases.

Please do keep in mind that this story is a training exercise for me, if you have any critique that extends past ‘it’s garbage’ I would love to hear it.

Synopsis help from Etzoli.

ActionAdventureFantasyLitRPGMatureMysterySlice of Life
Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Beastkin Elves Enlightenment Fantasy World Female Protagonist Game Elements God Protagonist Gods Level System Magic Non-human Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Strong to Stronger System Administrator
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      New CasualCultist
      Status: advent – chapter 42: harsh lessons
      Feb 10, 2020

      It's really good and you should read it

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      New tantallous
      Status: advent – chapter 39: mistakes
      Jan 26, 2020

      When I started this, I wasn't sure what to think.  It seemed interesting enough, but it was very different from most stories I've read. I am very glad I stuck with it because right now it is one of my favorite stories on this site.  At first I was put off by the MC being ignorant of the world and her abilities, while at the same time being incredibly powerful, but over time I realized how brilliant it was.  Despite her power (or perhaps because of it) she is no more infallible than any of us, which helps relate to the MC.  Making mistakes and learning from them is an important part of growing, and while the MC starts "grown" she is essentially a toddler that has been handed a death ray and been told they can go play.  As the story progresses she learns and grows and as a reader I get to experience the process.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: sacrifice – chapter 24: prelude to conflict
      Nov 29, 2019

      The story is fun and interesting. The idea is pretty interesting and the story does manage to portray it well in my opinion.

      I think it's fairly fun to watch the MC deal with the weird situation they find themselves in. The character cast if pretty interesting. My favorite besides the MC would be the hotblooded Paladin/Knight.

      The story is good and I'd say that it's worth a read. 

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: sacrifice – chapter 24: prelude to conflict
      Nov 27, 2019

      One of the best fantasy series I have read in the last decade.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
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