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/ Series / Unusual Life of a Foxgirl
Unusual Life of a Foxgirl
Unusual Life of a Foxgirl
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4.6 (9 ratings)
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Follows the life of a foxgirl named Nana and her friends, partners and more through work, life, trouble, sex and more in a world that's full of magic and all sorts of races. The story starts during a night out as she's in her 20s. Her parents has been missing for a while now and they've currently sort of called of the search. Nana, her talented, perverted friend Yuna and her adopted brother Daeron is currently employed by a military section of the country Ssargeni that is named "the Peacekeepers", who's duty is to take care of threats that are unusual. Things quickly start to happen as they search for answers.

Japanese title:
"Kitsune no on'nanoko no mezurashī seikatsu"
(so far it only exists in English, officially at least, if anyone wants to translate it into a language, message me!)

It's not gonna be as sex heavy as the first chapter might make you believe. But it's a part of it. You can skip chapter 1 to avoid kinky stuff, for now.(planning on making an alternative version in the future that's not 18+ content. No set date at all for when I'll do this.)

Chapter release information will be posted on my profile and/or twitter! If no time is said, assume between 22 and 02 CET.
Book 1 - Chapter 1 - 30
(Chapter 30 is both the outro of book 1 and the intro of book 2)
Book 2 - Chapter 30 - 50
Book 3 - Chapter 51 - ongoing

More information:

I'll post updates about release dates on my profile, so please follow my profile if you enjoy the series or at least check in for release schedule posts!
Anything happening with updates, details and changes that are incoming will be posted there!
Ill also update on twitter about release schedule and anything I'd post on my profile here about it if you'd prefer to follow on twitter.

Link (copy paste below adress):

(Nsfw warning on my twitter.)

Please do rate and comment what you like or dislike and why so I can improve! Or send me a private message instead either here or on twitter, if its on twitter, write clearly that it's about "Foxgirl" first in the message. Thanks <3
Hope you'll enjoy my story!

Planning on maybe creating some sort of preview channel for fans, to read ahead of released content. pm me if you'd be interested in reading ahead.

ActionAdultAdventureComedyEcchiFantasyRomanceSlice of Life
Abandoned Children Adventurers Aggressive Characters BDSM Beastkin Character Growth Conspiracies Curses Demi-Humans Demons Drugs Elemental Magic Elves Evil Religions Fairies Family Conflict Fantasy World Female Protagonist Game Elements Godly Powers Gore Magic Saving the World Sect Development Special Abilities
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