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/ Series / Unusual Life of a Foxgirl
Unusual Life of a Foxgirl
Unusual Life of a Foxgirl
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Author's notes & thoughts

Author's notes

Warning, might be spoilers. I'll try to hide anything I deem a spoiler with the function to do so. 

This is a section where I'm going to write down unnecessary information, maybe outtakes, decisions I've made and we'll. My thoughts and stuff related to the series. This will not be anything you need to read, it's just for fans who wants to know even more. 

Map (WIP) of Southern Ssargeni 


Still working on it. Scale might not be perfect, but the zones contents and sizes should be approximately correct. View it as one of those old school maps where they drew big creatures in the middle of the sea with ships drawn the same size as a country. 

Ssargeni, South


Chapters and shorts difference: A chapter is a full length post, being between 2k and 4k words in length. A short is at or below 1k words. It's all the same in importance to the story though, sometimes some parts of the story just fits better being told in fewer words as it's events taking place at the same time as something else, so a short is sometimes perfect to tell what's going on before getting back to our main characters. 

The first short released being" Short - Emilia. "

Exceptions to the rule, chapter 6 an old guy babbling on (at around 1.7k words) and chapter 23 as its the outro for book 1 and intro for book 2 smashed together. There are some more exceptions... 

unnecessary fact, chapter 21: When I was naming chapter 21(formerly 14) I had 3 options written down to pick from.

The two other titles I decided between that wasn't chosen for this chapter's title was:

the savior & the floor, the bunny & the tears, the cat & her captive  And the floor cleaned, the rescued fed, the bunny hugged.

The one I went with just felt more right in my gut which was the reason I picked it.

Chapter 22 - Blood-mist? Was originally intended to be a (chapter 21) Short. But it ended up way way longer than intended as I felt I had more to tell after a few sentences. So I decided to make it take the spot of chapter 22(formerly, 15).

Goal with the series
: At the moment I can say that i'm nowhere close to scratching the surface of showing the whole world of the "unusual life of a foxgirl". So, it will be a long ride, don't worry! I got plans that stretches far.

Nana, Main character

Full name: Nana Nia Shiroakuma Yamaken

Gender: female. 

Sexual orientation: heterosexual. 

Race: Half fox, half human. Nana looks like a cute human girl, but she has foxears instead of human ears and she has a big foxtail. Her ears seem extra pointy (shaped like elf ears, but still fluffy foxears.). Normal humans has no specific racial trait, they sometimes have more mana points than other races. The Racial traits of fox-people: Usually fox-people are faster and more agile than other species. sometimes also smarter than average. It's not a guarantee you'll be fast, agile or smart. It's just you have the odds on your side. 

Appearance: Long white hair with a hint of some red in it, glimmering. The hair reaches below her butt. She's 177cm tall. 20 years old as the story begins. 110cm chest(measured around with the boobs), 80cm below boobs. 75cm waist. 105cm measured around the ass. 

She has Perfect skin, very close to perfectly symmetrical. 

Additional information: whimsy forgetful but very smart girl born with a lot of magical power inside. 

Nana can cast magic without drawing or chanting.

Normally people have to draw magical circles or runes with their finger as they chant, or they draw a rune onto their hand or even tattoo it onto their palms or back of their hans. You can also draw on paper or any other material, surface, if you're gonna use that location. Though the material need to survive the tension created. 

Some just need to chant to cast magic. And very few can cast magic without both drawings or chants. Nana is one of these rare few. 


Her dad, Sato Shiroakuma, is a full blood fox-person. 

Her mom, Yukio Yamaken, is a full blood human. 

They both disappeared 4 years ago as the story starts and are yet to be found. 


Nana is a natural born magic user, she's never had any struggle gaining access to any magical pool as she's tried. Even accessing magical energy without thinking about it. 

She created Kiwi, her spirit companion, with nether magic energy without any issues at a very very young age. No one understood how, since nether magic is something people work years to even gain access to. 

Nana is a kindhearted person, sometimes too forgiving and kind. To the point that she almost let's Yuna have her way with her. 

Yuna, Friend of Nana

Yuna, best friend of Nana. 

Gender: female  

Sexual orientation: Lesbian, 

Appearance: 160cm tall, 90cm chest, 67 waist, 88cm ass. human appearance but white furr, bunny ears & tail. hair color is black and white and it's length is about down to below the boobs. 

Race: Bunny girl., both parents bunny people. Racial trait, bunnypeople. some have unnormal high libido, usually faster than average. Stronger legs than average,but weaker than average otherwise.  

Additional info: Met at schoolgrounds when I(Nana) started school, I(Nana) was 6 she was 12. Central school, as it was located central kind off, up to the north east corner of block 3. Employee at the peacekeepers as an enchanter. 

Daeron, Adopted brother & boyfriend

Full name: Daeron Shiroakuma

His old family name was Nekokusakami, but he took Nana's family name instead.

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual. 

Race: Half cat-man, and he thinks half human. He has bald catears instead of human ears and a super long black cat tail. He knew one of his parents was a full blood cat-person, but he never knew if his other parent was human or not as they never talked about it and he never asked. 

Racial trait of the cat people are that they usually have an extraordinary good taste and smell, making most of them pretty good chefs, alchemists and hunters. They can become agile easier than others. Some has greater strength potential in limbs. Cat people are known for having superb balance. 

Appearance: He's well trained, 35 year old man. He's 189cm long, 110cm chest, 90 waist.muscles well defined. He has huge arms and a pretty huge neck. Full beard with moustache. Bald shaved head. Though it looked like he had carfur instead of normal hair on his head, so his skin was black on top of the head. As was his ears even though they were bald. He had some black spots like that in random places over the body too. 

He has cat ears and a black tail that's super long.

Additional information: One parent was a cat person and the other is unknown. 

His parents were murdered at a young age. He was 15. 


He was raised by Nanas parents since the age of 15 and kind of took over taking care of Nana when her parents went missing as things got dark for a while there for them both, but it hit Nana even harder. 

Adopted at 15, Nana was 5 at the time. 

Saved by nana near Market by the playground side.(East of the Market-Square) 


Qoutes from the book, hidden with spoiler.


as described in chapter 1 part 1: “189cm long, 110cm around the chest, very well defined muscles.

Huge arms, you just drool when you see them. 

He has a full beard with a moustache, the beard was semi long, I guess long as the neck. 

He cut his hair off on the top of the head, so he was near bald, but his hair seemed like it was cat fur instead of normal hair, so he had a completely black head where hair grew, then normal skin where hair didn’t grow.”


Kiwi, Spirit companion

Kiwi, Nana's spirit companion. 

Gender: None, but referred to as she. 

Sexual orientation: Anything goes, she can turn it on at wish and also keep it off at wish so to speak. 

Other information: Kiwi is a nether spirit that was created by Nana when she was very young. No one has succeeded with something similar at such a young age as of yet. 

Kiwi lives in the nether dimension during the time it ain't summoned forth. 

Kiwi uses nether magic energy to stay in the realm of the living and to cast spells, shrink or grow. 

Kiwi would never disobey Nana and trusts her blindly. 

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