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Rekindle (Rework)
Rekindle (Rework)
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“For gold is tried in the fire, and acceptable men in the furnace of adversity”.

Once part of a Special Ops team in the US Army, Mark Floyd thought he had seen the worst that Humanity had to offer. That was until his final mission, one that would leave him a broken and shattered man, betrayed by the Country he served, and abandoned by society as a whole.

His dreams filled with nightmares of the ones he failed to protect, mind and memories clouded by booze and more, Mark finds himself stumbling through life without purpose or desire.
Life isn't done with Mark yet, however.

For as long as even a single ember remains in a persons heart, here is still yet hope for the flames of Passion and Hope to be Rekindled.

When the dying embers of Mark's heart catches the eyes of a Being far beyond his understanding, Mark finds himself thrown into a situation not even his years of training could prepare him for.

Will this new chance be Mark's hope at both Redemption and Recompense?
Or will it simply be the final nail in the coffin for a man already dead to the World?

[This is a rework of my very first story. The general story will remain the same, however a few details have been tweaked, the chapters have be Edited better and some chapters have been broken down into smaller chunks for better flow and consistency.

The biggest change will be to the System itself; It will be a lot less "Game-like", meaning no stats, levels or similar aspect, though skills will still be present in the form of "Programs". Instead, It'll focus more on the Sigil's nature as super-computers and how they change the world around them. This should make for a much more "natural" and less info-dumpy system.

Link to the Original:]

Adopted Children Automatons Character Growth Dark Death of Loved Ones Evolution Game Elements Genetic Modifications Lost Civilizations Mutations Near-Death Experience
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      Status: chapter 3: shadow’s of past...

      An exciting adventure unlike most other isekai stories. The main character isn't innocent and naive. And carries both trauma and experience from his days as a soldier from earth. 

      The worldbuilding is superb, and the writing quality is great (a few typos)  

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