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/ Series / Box Shaped Heart
Box Shaped Heart
Box Shaped Heart
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4.4 (23 ratings)
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Table of Contents
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    Status: epilogue

    Loveable characters who feels rather realistic, (yay, we escape ridiculous feminized characters), there’s a lot of affection from the writer toward her « naughty kids » so they feel fleshed out enough to be believable 

    great pace, you never get bored, you never hang too bad either because you feel good vibes. It’s fun but never ridiculous. Some things are pretty predictable but it never hurts the plot, and it can still bring in bits of development you wouldn’t have thought about

    It’s hot in a good way : the characters are just fully living their passion : it’s fresh, fun, exciting and happy. It really made me think the world would be a peaceful place if everybody had the same kind of understanding and spicy and fulfilling s*x life. 

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    Status: c16

    HAHAHA this is hilarious! It's like, we all know where this story is gonna go, but MC has such a straight guy mentality that it's hilarious. Or should I say, determined-to-be-straight guy. But his thinking is very down-to-earth and humorous.

    The story is pretty hot too, in like a funny way. The smut tag is for real. But it's got a great plot, and I love the interactions between MC and ML. Man I'm just waiting for MC to come clean to ML!! All the other characters so far also have their own amusing personalities and quirks, particularly Simon (who is really just a big dog).

    Can't wait for more chapters. I really recommend this!




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    Status: chapter 31 – happiness practice

    5 stars just because of the MC.

    Everything else was a bonus!

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    Status: epilogue

    I read it and I loved it. Read it and you'll understand. It's a realistic gay story of a supposed homophobe and his best friend. That should be enough to grab your attention. Their interactions are realistic, Carter is sweet and it's got all of that sweet smut that I love. I couldn't have asked for more. If you want a story where the actions of the characters and their reactions, as well as overall demeanor resonates with you, read it! Mwah, chef's kiss!

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    Status: epilogue

    Omg. I’m kinda sad I picked up 2 awesome stories in the same day and finished them both since I don’t have anything to read now😓 But seriously this novel was a lifesaver for me. I was in terrible pain and woke up at 3am and 5am and 5am on Monday and I was like f**k it and decided to read this and nope, I didn’t get any sleep after picking this up but oh good it was worth it and all the sad and happy part brought me away from my pain. This story was out of my usual genres and the cover made me really wary (because it seemed suspiciously like some very smutty things on Wattpad with more or less plot, sorry. Also I’ve seen a similar cover on an incest book there) but I’m glad I read it 

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