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Wisher Beware
Wisher Beware
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4.8 (547 ratings)
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How does it feel to have the knowledge of an advanced civilization, clearly out of your world?

Would this insight even be useful, when the people around you trusted the power of a fireball and had no idea about the power of steam?

How would you fare as a lowly slave in a society ruled by women?

Follow the steps of an urchin, swallowed by a fate that wasn’t his. A hopeless dream corrupted in the ways unknown.

Author's Notes:
Please check out the reviews, if you are still concerned or unsure!

This is a rational fantasy story, with a different approach to the isekai genre.
Slow progression at the beginning that will speed up as the plot progresses, building off the previous achievements.

This story contains descriptive sexual content that is relevant to the plot.
Cover art by Nyan_sempai from SH, Twitter: @Nyancreates

BDSM Beastkin Calm Protagonist Caring Protagonist Clever Protagonist Crafting Genetic Modifications Hiding True Abilities Human-Nonhuman Relationship Magic Male Protagonist Master-Servant Relationship Matriarchy Philosophical Politics Polygamy R-18 Racism Slave Protagonist Slow Growth at Start Strength-based Social Hierarchy Technological Gap Threesome Unreliable Narrator Weak to Strong
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    Status: chapter 31 scheherazade

    As someone who typically does not enjoy being in the dark, holy sh*t this caught me off guard. Right from the get go you get sucked in, and then all of a sudden and it's two hours later and you're engrossed by a monologue about f**king math.

    I hate math, and this man made me cackle at a scene for it.

    11/10 would read again.

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    27 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 18.2 ...And beauty

    The book is great.

    You actually get a feel for the characters personalities, they aren't 2d, the romance isn't forced and the main character is sensible. I am not able to give a full detailed review now but in the future I definitely will.

    Give the book a try :)

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    27 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 20.1 and back

    This is one of those SH hidden gems. 

    This story hits all of my buttons. The grammar is great, the descriptions are excellent, the characters are deep and compelling. It slowly weaves magic and science together into a logical whole, even as we experience magic from the perspective of someone as blind to it as the reader. 

    With all that praise this story isn't for everyone. The story is very Smutty, to the point where it feels like it slows down the plot if you're not interested in smut/erotica. But if you are, especially with light and consensual bdsm theme, then the smut truly feels like a relevant part of the story. Completely in theme with the setting and characters. It's not just smut for the sake of smut, it's relevant smut. Honestly you can skip the s*x if it's not for you and not loose to much. You won't get the full 100% but you'll get enough to enjoy the work.

    I fully recommend anyone wanting to read about advanced technological and societal knowledge interacting with a Magical and socially stagnant society give this story a read. It's personally going onto my favorite web novel list. 

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    20 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 20.1 and back

    This story might cause time travel.  You stick your nose into the pages and then you blink and hours have passed. 

    The intro starts off wonderfully worded but I wasn't sure in the first 2-3 chapters if this was going to be a worthwhile read to be completely honest.  

    Push through if you are finding the opening bits tough to digest and confusing.  The reward is an interesting world, a fun protag, and an outstanding supporting cast who feel like actual people themselves and not just plot devices.

     This is the story you wade through the sea of bad grammar and cookie cutter repeats to find.  

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    14 Likes · Like
    Status: Book 1

    Like reading some mature drafts for a published work. Deserves all these five-star reviews. Impeccable syntax and the writer is very active at making corrections or clarifications in the comments.

    Honestly, I could easily see this being published. Being right up there with some of the best smut writers out there, putting most fantasy authors to shame with the non-smut, and competing within the genre with some of the leaders of it. Like Tamryn Tamer, Randi Darren, and Daniel Schinhofen.

    The end of book one was a little rough, but not bad. I'm not sure I agree with the vision of the future the writer has, but that didn't make it bad. I just like to be a little more optimistic?

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    11 Likes · Like

    Extremely good, the characters feel like real people living in a real world. The first chapter started off a bit strange, but it quickly picked up afterward.

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    10 Likes · Like
    Status: c46

    When you have some experience in any kind of media, it doesn't matter which, it could be video games, movies, or more to the point, books... more than once you will be stricken with this exact feeling "I was not expecting this", sometimes for good, and other times for bad, but when it is for good it is akin to a man digging in his yard just to find a treasure worth its weight on gold.

    Having success with a book or web fiction that makes its main character to be as much as similar as your target population is no great deal... how easy it is to enjoy a story where you can easily insert yourself and escape from reality... after all, isn't that the purpose of entertainment? That's fine and dandy if you are looking just to be popular or be above average, but... the truly great stories are those driven by well written characters with fears, quirks, and dreams beyond being a simple sleeve for us to wear, truly great characters instill upon you a sense of inspiration, a wish to meet them, talk with them and know them in real life. 

    Wisher Beware is a fine mix of great worldbuilding, pacing, and dialogue, each word you read will slowly turn you from a human to a voracious beast starving for weeks intoxicatedly consuming each chapter before anxiously awaiting the next one.

    Doing a harem well is not easy, doing a technological gap series without constantly delivering asspulls and plot holes is also not easy, and writing a smart, endearing, and funny unreliable narrator of an MC is not too dissimilar in difficulty, but here we are, with this incredible cocktail at our reach.

    Today, once again, I have experienced the pleasure of expecting nothing and finding a treasure, and you can too... look no further, if any of the positive aspects of this story that I have mentioned in my long-winded rant birthed a spark of curiosity in you (no matter how small) then give it a chance, you need no shovel nor any instrument more than your hands and your mind to take this jewel for yourself. 

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 44

    This story is, without a doubt, one of the best you'll find here. It shines like a beacon in the sea of mediocrity. Every single thing that most writers do wrong is somehow done right here. Rich world-building without any info dumps, western fantasy-esque storytelling, relatable characters that don't pretend to be adults but are actually adults, rational main character that doesn't pretend to be smart but is actually smart, amazing characterization that makes every character different in their own way, with believable flaws and strengths, no illogical soap drama plot devices, lively and realistic dialogues with stage directions that make you feel like you're watching a film rather than reading a story, some next level smut, engaging plot that leaves you yearning for more after every chapter -- all wrapped up in a package of good English and slow but consistent pacing. Professional quality, I tell you. Seriously, just go and read it, what are you doing here?

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    9 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 32 a mild case of...

    A great story, with the only obvious flow is waiting one week for a chapter, but I'm working on my patience, and waiting for a good chapter is worth it.

    We discover how this fantasy world works along with Erf (the protagonist), and let me tell you, it is well thought, from its history, to its politics and the way the societies are organized. Everything gives the feeling that the author has a plan and we will discover the worlds mysteries at the right moment. It kept me interested in every chapter, and it didn't feel like I wasted my time, but genuinely enjoyed reading. I was not pointlessly teased, but I was given real pieces of a interesting puzzle, that I want to complete and not to throw away.

    The characters feel real, everyone with their own believable motivations and reasons. You root for some and for others you wish death. But in the end, they are not caricatures, they feel like people in a fantasy world. And that's great.

    This story has a lot of strong points, great grammar, good flow, an interesting world, believable main and secondary characters, themes like freedom or safety, etc. But the strongest point of the story, for me, at this moment, is Erf. The first 2-3 chapters, it was kind of confusing to read his pov, but I'm really glad that I have stayed and continued reading, it was worth it. I won't praise Erf, you should start reading and I think you'll come to the same opinion as me. He's a great protagonist even with his flaws, it makes him even better. All the tags about him are true, but it does not tell everything about him, there is a lot more.

    There is smut, and is written really well. It is not the focus of the story, but it complements it greatly. Sometimes I wish there was less of it, only to get to the plot. Don't get me wrong, the story is not full of it, it really is enough. I just want to know what will happen next... 

    I encourage reading this story and discovering the world along with Erf. It is one of the best stories on this platform and I don't think someone would regret giving this a try. 

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    8 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 1 on the road

    Made an account just to post a review for this, amazing story.

    The first couple chapters might put you off but it's absolutely worth getting through them. Great characters and introduction of technology into medieval times, personally a fan of the smut so bonus points there. In short, READ THIS!

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    8 Likes · Like
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