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Papa [BL]
Papa [BL]
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There are all kinds of forbidden love. But this is the hazardous of them all. Lucca appears to be in love with his own father. He’s done fighting against his own demons. It’s time for him to give in to them. If he can’t have his father, killing him is the only way he’ll keep him.
"If you could spread your legs for me, that would've been nice, Lucca," he said. "Either that, or you'll be swimming in his blood," he warned, pointing his finger over to the other person and Lucca knows he has no choice. From lust to revenge, a struggle between hatred and love, and the quest for his own sanity, Lucca must make a choice.

Boys LoveDramaMaturePsychologicalSeinenSmut
Brother Complex Cunning Protagonist Incest Older Love Interests Psychopaths Sexual Abuse Younger Love Interests
Table of Contents 31
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Table of Contents
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    Status: 10. lucca codrin: the curse

    Gripping! but heavy! I'm enthralled! but my mind's filled with black! And I'm not even done with the book! How would you know if you could take it? Well, read the synopsis and you'll get the idea if you could take in a father-son pairing. So UM3 can, you say? Well, I'm not keen on the idea, BUT! the last line of the PROLOGUE got me hooked. I mean, how could the author left me hanging with that line!!! So, my hand went *click*click*click*... and before I knew it, I-I-I bowed down to my curiosity and put the rest aside. Why didn't UM3 wait until the end to post this, you say? My mama says I should share nice things. Sharing is caring, thought I'm sure we each have our own understanding of 'nice'; in terms of BL (to me!), this. is! this. is! this. is! So, click and let me know if it's just me 🙃 

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