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'There are only two kinds of people in this world. A selfless idiot or a selfish fool.' - Unknown

Zachariel, an ignorant young boy whose childhood has been full of both happiness and pretenses.

Conflicted about what should he become, and what should be done, join him as he ventures out into the world of Pandragea, searching for the answer to his questions, the truth of his identity, and the mysterious artifact within his body.

His adventure, filled with twists and turns as he gets plunged into a revolution against an empire, an uprising against an old legacy, a war against the divine demon beasts, and the revelation of the truth behind the mystery within him.

As time marches on and running out, will he be able to find the answer to his questions, or will his enemies impede him from doing so?

ActionAdventureFantasyMartial ArtsMysteryRomanceSchool LifeTragedy
Angels Beasts Calm Protagonist Character Growth Coming of Age Conspiracies Cultivation Demi-Humans Dragons Elves Empires Evil Organizations Fallen Angels Family Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Late Romance Magic Magic Beasts Male Protagonist Mythical Beasts Nobles Sword And Magic
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      Status: vol. 1: chapter 55: blackout

      Super great story so far. Honestly surprising there isn't more readers. It might be a bit slow for some at the beginning, but so far I don't have anything to complain about

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