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/ Series / My Attack Stat is Negligible, so I Can’t Help but Rely on Critical Attacks to Succeed!
My Attack Stat is Negligible, so I Can’t Help but Rely on Critical Attacks to Succeed!
My Attack Stat is Negligible, so I Can’t Help but Rely on Critical Attacks to Succeed!
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4.1 (60 ratings)
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Being summoned to another world, Claude Evers finds himself in an all too familiar situation: He is a hero, destined for GREATNESS. There's only one problem - his attack and magic capabilities are basically zero. He must rely on his wit and personal abilities, rather than his attributes, to succeed. That, and his mysterious 999 Critical stat, which appears to be maxed out.

Faced with no other choice, Claude becomes his master's... chef? With such fearsome enemies in this new world, what solutions can Claude hope to cook up?

This is a tale of a normal man who delivers delicious food while cutting his way through his opponents by exploiting critical attacks on weaknesses. And the many other summoned heroes who possess advantages that Claude doesn't have. This new world is not what it appears to be.

Cover artwork drawn by Akire Azumito (Twitter - @AkireAizumito, IG - akire3.0)
Other artwork drawn by Neo and Kyocs in Glossary.

ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyIsekaiSlice of Life
Character Growth Comedic Undertone Cooking Crafting Demons Fantasy World Game Elements Love Triangles Magic Magical Technology Master-Servant Relationship Modern Knowledge Multiple Transported Individuals Otaku Previous Life Talent Special Abilities Subtle Romance Summoned Hero Sword And Magic Transported into Another World Underestimated Protagonist Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 391
Reviews 9
Table of Contents
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    Status: vol.3, ch.78 – the blade that...

    I don't like how this novel makes me feel.

    There's too much stress. Rare are the chapters that people don't find themselves in a troublesome situation. I can't calmly read this; constantly finding myself blazing through chapters to see trouble resolved. But then new trouble rears its head. There's not enough downtime.

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    Status: c28

    I am astonished this story has only a 4.1 stars rating at the time of writing this review, and I can honestly attribute that to possibly jealousy from other people or authors on this site giving 1-2 star ratings early for no reason. This author, BY FAR, writes better than 99.9% of the pure-hot amateurish trash you usually find scribblehub's trending section. The grammar is pretty much perfect with very few mistakes, the plot in the beginning is very light but picks up heavily after about ch20 or so, and it is basically a perfect rendition of a Japanese light novel, with nice twists, through and through. I have been reading translated light novels for years, moved on to RoyalRoad and then scribblehub just for more content when I can't find anything new, and I can say for a fact that this light novel (appropriate to call it one at this point) fits in perfectly amongst the better half of them. 

    Edit: The below criticisms were remedied in literally the next couple of chapters.

    Any criticisms I have are very minor: our main female lead is somewhat poorly fleshed-out in my opinion at this point compared to other supporting characters like Pietro, Cornelius, or even Stark. She seems very robotic, and really only has a brief backstory early in the story with nothing really else to add to her character (I like Katsys WAY more despite her having way less 'screen' time). She is somewhat boring and uninteresting. Otherwise, nothing really worth mentioning in my eyes as faults. I feel like I have found a diamond buffet, and will continue to binge read! 

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    Status: vol.2, ch.62 – the path the...

    Fun to read and the characters are likeable without being too sweet.

    I also agree with the previous review: All hail acupuncture techniques!

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    Status: vol.5, ch.158 – farewell to one...

    I will admit. I dropped this series.

    But don't get me wrong; not because it was bad.

    No, because it was way too good.

    You see, this is written so well in such a way that you really feel the brunt of every emotion of every moment. I felt happy during happy moments, and laughed out loud at the comedic moments, and nearly cried at some parts. Never has words made me feel so many emotions.

    That's where we get to the crux of the problem; I felt stressed out during tense situations, depressed during sad boy hours, and my heart would race just clicking over to the next chapter to find out how the main character would get out of this millionth life-or-death situation.

    The problem is, there's not exactly enough non-stressful moments. Every volume in this series really follows the same pattern; happiness and peace at the beginnings and ends, and nothing but stress and pain in between. However, the happy portions are... really, really short. My realization of this pattern made it even worse, as during every single "peaceful" moment, I would still feel stressed out as I knew more bullsh*t would come barreling down the MC's alley right around the corner, and that these peaceful moments were nothing but a false interlude.

    I dropped this series, simply because my heart really can't take it. I read these novels in bed for a good time and to relax, not to feel the same as a 1960s American family seeing live footage of the Vietnam War for the first time.

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    Status: vol.9, ch.281 – a fight of...

    Great story. The thing that stands out most is the focus on good characters. They aren't the tropey, flat ones that are normally in isekai. They get developed pretty extensively throughout the volumes.

    More than that, the way they are written moves me, making me love them or even hate them at times. Things are interesting, unpredictable and twist and turn so much that I can't help but find joy in reading it.

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    Status: vol.9, ch.277 – the forsaken world (4)

    Very unique story, especially when it comes to isekai. The thing that stands out is how it really shines as a novel later on, compared to the beginning. That's really unlike most web fiction (which usually starts off with a promising idea, only for the plot to fall flat or get generic later on).

    The premise is straightforward at the beginning, a guy getting summoned to be some kind of hero, only to become more of a servant. Cue slice of life chapters with a sprinkling of action as he understands his powers. It's an okay read at this point, nothing special.

    With each volume, the characters then become more fleshed out. Circumstances revolving around the nature of these hero powers drive the plot towards more action and conflict, and that is where this story seems to shine. It dives into surprising territory, leaving me guessing as to what would happen next. And seriously, this writer seems to like random plot twists. They keep happening, sometimes out of nowhere. Sometimes almost annoyingly so (but that's just a personal qualm, since they just stuck out to me).

    Altogether, an interesting story and well written. Falls perfectly in line with Japanese light novels. Arguably, better written than a good portion of published ones. Though, I wonder if that is really even a positive since isekai light novels are generally pretty poor to begin with. In that case, I'll just say that this story could sit near the top of them.

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    Status: c20

    Very refreshing story. 

    Not a summoned hero but a normal (if rare) summoned famiar. 

    The worldbuilding is pretty classic but not too cliche. The characters are very interesting, and the way the world interacts with the gamelike system is interesting. 

    All hail acupuncture techniques! 

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    Status: chap 121

    [TL;DR]  - Good story but some conflicts feel forced and unnecessarily risky

    I would like to start by clarifying, I think this is a decent story and you should give it a try to see if it suits your taste. Now with that said...

    If I could I'd give this story  4.5 stars. I say this because quite often the story is fine but many moments made me want to shout through the screen. The characters constantly try to solve problems in what felt like the most roundabout and forced manner possible. It's like if there's a problem they always pick the solution that's most thrilling for the story but ten times more inconvenient and risky. This goes for both the antagonists and the main characters. It frequently felt like being the "good guys" took precedence over the well-being of the main character and his companions.  like so many problems could have been solved by just kidnapping or assassinating someone and/or other morally grey actions and while this might be off-putting for the main character that's a small price to pay instead of risking those you care for dying or getting r*ped. 

    Lastly, while I certainly wrote quite a bit of negative comments, I still gave this 5/5 stars instead of 4/5 for a reason. After all, I wouldn't bother with the well-being of characters I don't care about, and making your readers actually care is the first step to writing a good story. So once again, this is a decent story, that you should give a try.

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    Status: vol.7 ch.230

    I ran a marathon only to receive a PB&J sandwich... With raisins

    This novel is so frustrating to read sometimes that it feels tedious. It's tolerable, I only sometimes skim through chapters, but vol.7 feels like too much.

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