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My Sister The Villainess
My Sister The Villainess
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4.1 (474 ratings)
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Alright, so you've been reincarnated. Neat, right? You got a hot mom, a cute sister, and to top it all off you're a handsome Noble with the stats to match. All's good in the world. Then you discover this isn't any normal isekai story, it's also a world from that cute otome game you've played before. No big deal though, eh? Except your sister is the villainess and only has bad endings.

Now, if you're the standard protagonist you realize this and bravely decide to smash all the bad ends to save her from destruction.

But if you're this story's MC?....You decide to do that, sure, but you also go out and kidnap Kings for a night of wild partying before somehow acquiring a Holy Sword and ending up in the middle of a desert stealing drugs from a Dragon.

Oh yeah. The vanilla otome game world setting this is not.

Join us on the grand misadventures of one Damien Claybrook as he leads holy crusades, seduces sexy tree spirit milfs, and journeys through the great starry sky to slap arrogant young masters. All while being high as balls when doing so.

Don't let the title and cute loli fool ya, lads. You'd best buckle in, because this story's gonna get wild.

Discord link:

Brother Complex Chuunibyou Drugs Fantasy World Human-Nonhuman Relationship Kuudere Otome Game Protagonist Strong from the Start Sister Complex Villainess Noble Girls Voyeurism
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    Status: c9

    May contain some spoilers.

    The story sets itself with an entertaining premise, despite sharing common MC characteristics with other novels. I wanted to know what the real identities of the MC's background were, considering any normal 2-year old cannot kill boars. Why did the mom hide the fact she could speak another foreign language? What was the father doing away from the family? However, as soon as the MC could talk, the story turned for the worse.

    In most of the chapters, the author would include modern day memes as jokes. The problem is that it isn't funny but cringy. I felt shivers up my spine when I read "you're a man of culture as well". In addition, the author puts another layer of cringe on the MC by making him perverted. I can't take the MC seriously when every so often he's screaming "milfs" and thinking about big tiddy goth cat-girls. Maybe this story doesn't want you to take the MC that seriously and it's supposed to be light-hearted. But, the world is actually pretty dark despite. In the game scenario, without the help of the MC, the sister gets hanged, burned alive, tortured and, at best, scarred for life and never showing herself in public. The author's juxtaposition of the MC's action and reaction and the reality of a dark world makes his journey superficial at best.

    Oh, and the MC is definitely a Mary Sue. He's a cooking genius, fighting genius, and super handsome with a charm of SSS+ (whatever that means). This is a problem because he's only 12 and he's unlikely to face a challenge with any risk of failure. Honestly, he's a wish fulfillment. 

    If you're a young adult and older, I do not recommend this novel for you to read.

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    48 Likes · Like

    shamelessly giving 5 stars! Since I couldnt find this specific sort of story within the otome game genre, here we are! Make no promises for how long I plan to continue this tho >, >

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    27 Likes · Like
    Status: another, barkeep

    Honestly? If this story was written seriously where it kept the basis and continued along with the story that it was set at the beginning and then brought out the secrets that are revealed later, it would be a pretty entertaining novel. 

    It's not badly written, just in short its nothing but wish fulfillment and poorly executed cringe humour, which is a fair source of laughs despite some peoples reactions to it including my own. 

    When the story wildly derailed it was funny for the first two or three chapters when you'd think that's it and then we go back but then.. That's it. The rest of the story is that, and its not nearly as entertaining as it could have been.

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    24 Likes · Like
    Status: tale of the dragon god

    If I had to sum up what this story is, I would call it a completely irreverent genre parody that likes to get off on trope subversion.

    I noticed some less charitable reviewers categorized the MC as a "Mary Sue" due to him being OP. Well, I think this assessment is off. Being OP does not make a character a Mary Sue. A lack of any actual personality is another part of that label. In the case of this story, the MC has plenty of personality to easily shed that label. (Not quite at Ainz Oal Gown or Saitama levels, but it is still believable and it gets the job done.)

    I think there is a rather brilliant direction that the author takes the protagonist, especially so far as it handles the "dense harem protagonist" trope. The MC, since he has all these girls going after him, decides to fake being dense as a means of easily turning the girls down without having to get confrontational.

    That's only half of where the so-called "denseness" of the MC comes from though. I mentioned he's got some serious personality to him. Well, one of his personality traits is that he's really stubborn. His being stubborn causes him to refuse to admit some things might be possible.

    These two prongs of faking being dense, as well as some actual denseness born from very believable and understandable stubbornness are things I take to just be another aspect of the trope subversion the author has taken. It is like the author put a lot of thought into how to hit, and subsequently subvert, every single harem genre trope in the book, and got the bonus of a really fun and complex character in the process.

    It is pretty fun and refreshing, but the fact that the series really genuinely does seem to be obsessed with intentionally subverting every single trope the author can possibly think of a way to work into the story does become a little repetitive after it jumps the shark with the Ogre scene. This, combined with a bit of lazy writing in certain places as it does some small-on-details montages consisting of only character dialogue in order to get through a set of repetitive actions, prevents me from rating this series with 5 stars.

    It is definitely a fun series, and with the exception of those lazy writing instances I just mentioned it is also well written. The plotting keeps pushing the already OP protagonist to be even more OP a little too quickly for my comfort, but it slightly makes up for it due to the protagonist's personality and the direction he has decided to take his motivations, which seem to spiral out of control as the protagonist's own stubbornness takes him for a ride. I wouldn't call it the best series I've seen, there is a lot that could have been done better, but I would definitely recommend it.

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    10 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 10 or so

    The premise is good and the author hinted at some interesting development, unfortunately after a few chapter they give up. The “story” turns into senseless piles of cringy memes and perverted comments while the MC speaks to everyone like a 11 yo autistic fortnite addict. 

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: proposing to a queen, stealing...

    Let me just say,

    You don't know where this one is going.

    But let me tell you, it's gonna be a wild ride, kid.

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: c10

    I was disappointed, too bad.


    - Otome setting is fun. And I like reincarnation into horrible characters and actually make them better.

    - I wanted to know what was going next.


    - The way it's written, with MC commenting absolutely everything in a comedic tone was very annoying. Too much comedy ruined the story. I'm ok with a funny optimistic MC, but every comment being a snide or lewd comment is destroying any mood building in the story. Especially when said comedy is about current internet culture.

    - MC is a pervert, and I'm not into MC perpetually in heat, especially as he's supposed to have died in his 30s, not when he was 15.

    - The MC doesn't take anything seriously, even his reincarnation. This felt like MC playing a VR game, and not really actually reincarnating.

    - The beginning is going way too fast, characters are introduced left and right, and we simply don't have the time to get who they are personality wise, so they stay tropes instead of interestingly complex.

    - The setting is super vague, nothing is described enough, so it's very difficult to not be confused all the time.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: c6

    OKAAAAAAAAAAAAYI legit enjoyed this more than I'll ever do with other isekai stuff that's around, so kudos to the one that made this hoping for more

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: settling accounts before leaving

    Lost my sides for like 7 chapters in a row? This is great and I couldn't ask for more

    edit: sh*t I didn't even remember writing this lol. F**k it boys this is pure madness in the form of words, chaos itself on a reading platform and for the sake of god I need therapy after reading this


    edit 2: please take note that this novel is totally random and your mental health will drop


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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: bless us

    It's a fun read. Bought the 1st book didn't regret it. There's some chapters that it's just too much tho 


    (it's a serious moment there's a mistery to solve and objectives to complete but they just keep f**king around for 5 ch, kinda annoying. I think this ruins the hype for the problem solving...).

     Btw Dolly was kinda fun and cute in the beginning but she's kind of annoying now, she was the cute sister now she's just a girl who takes advantage of him every time she appears. Mom too is a bit too much in the crazy department but that we already knew (mom needs to take a chill pill and calm the f**k down with the killing and soncon stuff, more the soncon tho at least wait till Elias dies, the poor bastard already got NTR'd in the fanfict, doesn't deserve to get even more...). PS: If damien doesn't remember it doesn't count -.-.

    I would also prefer if the harem stopped with just Vee and Mary but it's improbable, there's like 10 girls following him atm. Think Vee and Mary deserve at least a few chapters of being just them tho... I mean, cat lady is just too annoying with the god thingy, evie is a cute stalker but has the same problem as cat lady (Minerva), Bubbles is kinda nice but meh. The others are just add-ons


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