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My Sister The Villainess
My Sister The Villainess
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4.5 (347 ratings)
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Tell me, what does one do when they discover they were reincarnated into an Otome game as the villainess’ playboy older brother?

Of course I had always been aware of my situation as a reincarnated person, but it was only when my sister’s engagement to the Crown Prince was announced that I finally encountered a piece of my first life after all these years.

I thought, “Hey, this is exactly the same situation as that Otome game I was playing that day!”

But wait. My sister becomes the evil, hated villainess whose fate doesn’t ends well at all, you say? As if I’d allow that!

The protagonist wants to steal your man and ruin you? Too arrogant! This daddy(brother) will mess her up good!

I’ll completely crush all the people that want to harm my precious, adorable little sister!

Just fall in love with the Crown Prince and achieve your happiness, my sweet sister!

This is such a story.

…Except my sister seems to be a blooming bro-con? And the heroine keeps looking at me funny…

Sit down and enjoy a pint over at the Dragon Tavern!

Brother Complex Chuunibyou Drugs Fantasy World Human-Nonhuman Relationship Kuudere Otome Game Protagonist Strong from the Start Sister Complex Villainess Noble Girls Voyeurism
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      Status: proposing to a queen, stealing her husband (pt.1)
      Jan 28, 2019

      What do I say well comedy's real good and the MC isn't a dense piece of sh!t, all in all this certainly has potential

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      Status: proposing to a queen, stealing her husband (pt.1)
      Jan 19, 2019

      What do you want me to say?This is a very enjoyable story, especially the main character fourth wall breaking. The comedy is also good. I got nothing more to say.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: sleeping with both mother and daughter
      Feb 15, 2020

      At around the stealing the king and proposing to the queen chapter things start getting weird. Like, "I think the author is writing the first drafts while high" kind of weird.

      I'm 100% okay with this. Its bonkers, but its really fun watching our chaotic neutral/evil OP protagonist sweep through the world like a natural disaster.


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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c45
      Sep 24, 2019

      First few chapters cringe, rest binge. Chapters 1-5 were meh, everything else was awesome. This novel is the novel you use to show young writers how tropes can be explicitly used to create novel situations in a world. This is not your typical otome-game reincarnation: drama is at a minimum (but there are some good points made), and comedy is high (actually it is low comedy, a step above fart jokes, but that doesn't work as well for analogy.)

      The Otome setting actually plays little to no part but there are tropes, stereotypes, and pop culture (otaku culture) references everywhere; the character settings are super chuuni and the MC is OP AF.  Everything makes you think "Oh this is going to crash and burn so hard... " and then it doesn't.

      The author manages to make it funny and a semi-decent story that (so far) that doesn't rely on the otome game setting to make up for character interactions and plot. The otome game characteristic may come into play more but as of chapter 45 the novel is awesome. This work is not very serious, does not have Game of Thrones level intrigue and motivations, and is awesome all the same.

      The MC is a kinda like Colin from Moody's works but less bitchy (that's right, LESS BITCHY!)

      Just read the first 20 chapters, if you like them, you'll keep liking it for at least another 20 chapters.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: time to make some magic
      Sep 11, 2019

      A bit hard to give it a rating, but I gues it is average. In my case it is a bit like fastfood, you eat it from time to time and enjoy it but dont want it for every meal.

      One big misgiving I have is the constant reference to other popular media, giving the story the feeling of being a jumble of other stories without its own characteristics. It just feels with these references all the time that the world this takes place in has barely any substance on its own.

      But as I said, I like reading it and am curious as to where this story is going. Just don't expect a masterwork. It's just edgy, but I gues thats what people are into at the moment.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c15
      May 2, 2019

      This must be one of the most funny Otome games theme novels :D!

      Great Job!, I join to scribble just to give you my support Author !

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: when upset, papa says things he doesn't mean
      Jan 17, 2019

      I had quite the enjoyment  reading this, with a smile and laughing most of the time.

      Each character has their own quirk that makes them likable, making you laugh (especially the MC with his inner monologues)

      Although I like the novel with the silly story, I have yet to see any "plot", yes, there is the objective of preventing his sister from becoming the villainess but that's about it. But it is still too soon to judge it because of the small amount of chapters, the opportunity for "plot" is there with all of the mysterious situations surrounding some characters, but we have yet to see something particular.

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c7
      Jan 8, 2019

      It's just to my taste. Of course, the grammar isn't speckless and could use some work but hey, all that matters is that the plot is good, the writing is good, and the grammar is decent enough that it's readable, right? Although I say the grammar could use some work, it's just things like "oh, a comma here could make this easier to read" or "its, not it's"... small things that can be overlooked. POV is a little confusing at times and the diary-entry writing isn't my favorite but at least it wasn't super long...

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 10 or so
      Jan 31, 2020

      The premise is good and the author hinted at some interesting development, unfortunately after a few chapter they give up. The “story” turns into senseless piles of cringy memes and perverted comments while the MC speaks to everyone like a 11 yo autistic fortnite addict. 

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      Status: i’ll start my own cartel, with blackjack and hookers
      Jul 21, 2019

      I don't think I could ever recommend this to anyone.

      It is not a series to be taken seriously, and it is so very stupid.

      It has a 'plot'.  Maybe.  Kind of.  Not really.  The MC does whatever he wants, and he is not a relatable character.

      None of the character motivations make much sense.  Few of the jokes are funny. 

      It reads like someone wrote a one-off joke story, but it keeps going.

      And I keep reading. 

      There is no good reason I should like this, but I do.  Much like this story, some things just don't have to make sense.

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