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My Sister The Villainess
My Sister The Villainess
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Damien Claybrook: A man of refined tastes, killed by Truck-sama mere seconds after recovering from his NEET ways and sent to an Otome Game world as a warning to others who dare try to make something of themselves after being trash for so many years. He likes milfs, goth girls, and cat-girls specifically but is welcome to all Furry-Eared Ones. His main goal in life is to find a cute, busty cat-girl goth GF. Barring that, finding a cute, busty cat-girl, turning her goth and making a milf outta her. 

Known as the Purple-Eyed Devil for various incidents that were totally not his fault at all. He likes long walks on the beach, patting the heads of lolies, and beheading heretics. And not in that order. 

He also has a penchant for creating cute outfits, such as his sister Dolly's signature white bunny onesie. He frequently has Minerva cosplay for him. He's a disgrace to all true Lolicons, though, and actually follows the Yes Lolita No Touch rule. I.e, despite his popularity with the girls his sentiments are, and I quote, "You gotta be at least 18 or older to hop on this ride." Another quote would be, "All girls under 20 can only be my sister." But don't worry because incest is one of his top searched porn history.

Hate NTR but isn't above going after someone's wife. 


Dahlia "Dolly" Claybrook: Day's little sister, the personification of moe(don't think so? Fukken fight me) and, if truth be told, a beautful mistake of a human. Mainly because she barely qualifies as one. This cute little nitwit loves only two things, shinies and shinier shinies.  Also Damien, but that's just due to a budding brocon. This is the girl who thinks fiance means friend and gambling free shinies. Which is another thing--never gamble with this chick. Like Day, she's got Lady Luck on speed-dial. Also Satan. "What do you mean, nothing left? You still have you soul, don't you?" She's a klepto with huge potential in kidnapping and thievery. 

Mama Dragon

Muriel "Mama" Claybrook: Damien's Half-Dragon, Half-Succubus mother. Her human form is that of a young woman with chocolate brown hair and stunning blue eyes. Used to get her sick kicks from breast-feeding Damien as a child. Dreams of her son someday picking up the dwindling male Dragon's slack and producing many, many little Dragon babies to restore their population. She likes spicy foods, anal, and trying to pimp out her son.


Elias Claybrook: The man who laid the Dragon. Donkey would be proud. He's a master Aura user, a war hero, and the one who played a pivotal role in forging the Five-Way Alliance. Which all sounds nice but really he just dicked his way through most things, sometimes literally if his stories of comforting lonely widows are to be believed. A powerful man in his prime, he fears no one. Except Mary. 

Rosemary: The servant and best friend of Mama Claybrook. No matter what anyone says, she's got the best breasts in the west and she probably knows it. Mother to Vera and Baz, no one really knows how old she is. Being the Spirit of the World Tree created by the blood of the Dragon God, though, one can guess she's pretty ancient. How much time she actually spent in human form, however, is a complete  mystery. 


Rosemary: The servant and best friend of Mama Claybrook. No matter what anyone says, she's got the best breasts in the west and she probably knows it. Mother to Vera and Baz, no one really knows how old she is. Being the Spirit of the World Tree created by the blood of the Dragon God, though, one can guess she's pretty ancient. How much time she actually spent in human form, however, is a complete  mystery. 


Basil: Baz is a sweet summer child made attendant to a person some believe the reincarnation of a past Demon King. This adorable little airhead? Doesn't much care. He don't judge. As Damien's best friend, and given his happy-go-lucky nature, it's safe to say his common sense has already been thoroughly twisted. He'd kick your shins into pieces if it meant he'd get a cookie afterwards. He really likes him some cookies. But you can't call him a cookie monster. More of a cookie connoiseur. Due to his instant acceptance of Furry-Eared One Minerva, he earned himself the title of First Apostle long before the Cleansing of heretics even began. 



Vera: Baz's younger, smarter, more foul-mouthed sister. Her bark is worse than her bite, but only because her bark can leave you a trembling mass of flesh calling for your mommy while you suck on your thumb. When encountering a wild Vera, bring ear plugs. If you like keeping your sanity. Her only weakness? Damien. Not that she'd ever admit it. Also whips. Yes, she's got a bit of masochist under all that sass, it's true, but only the Devil's Left can appease THIS little pervert. Despite the sharp tongue, expressionless face and all words to the contrary, however, she's definitely Best Girl. While not the most HONEST heroine, she is, secretly, the most loyal and caring. Don't like her? I challenge you to fisitcuffs.


Evie: Born of a runaway Asmodian Princess and a mysterious young Blacksmith from an unnamed village, Evie was born with a remarkable power she likes to keep under wraps. Literally. Her uncontrolled powers make her face mesmerizing to all who gaze upon it. In other words, total jailbait. With her mother dying at an early age she was left to Minerva's care. Thrown out of her mother's husband, a Count, after the truth of her birth came to light--in some ways--she and her "new mother" wandered from place to place until being found and taken in by Damien. She quickly grew attached to the otherworldly pretty and "magnanimous" boy who seemed unaffected by her Charm. Having never known acceptance or affection from any but each other the two quickly, and ironically, gave the dandy young lad the status of Angel. After all only an Angel would come to the rescue of cursed existences such as them, right? T^T 


Minerva: Birthed from a Feline tribeswoman and the Fenrir Royal Family's 2nd Prince Callum, Minnie's was a harsh life. Originally meant to be a cherished Princess, all that was forfeit at birth when her mutations were discovered. Relations between the two tribes were bad and her mother hid her origins, most beastkin of different species unable to be differentiated from one another after gaining their human forms in ages past. Mutated beastkin already hated, if only she were born with wolf ears perhaps she could still be accepted. But alas, she bore cat ears instead. Her mother banished, father dying some few years later, and herself sent to a foreign Princess to be a servant. Later having to hide both her mutations from ignorant masses and Evie's face from...well, everyone...she served several unforgiving Masters before being found by a VERY enthusiastic Damien. Knowing that only a Divine being could ever show care for a mutant like her, she quickly believed in Evie's words of "He is an Angel sent for Min," and has decided to be his most supportive follower on his mission to "guide the world into a golden era free of ignorance"...which they, adoptive mother and daughter, have placed on his shoulders through a combination of their own misunderstandings and Damien's weakness to lolies and cat-girl. "Fuck it. Deus Vult. We're goin' on a purge." To sum up his thoughts on the matter. 


Phil: The son of a chef who used to work at the Claybrook Estate. A friend of Damien who doubles as his student in the culinary arts. Always two, there are, a master and an apprentice.



Will: Another friend of Damien. A rather unsavory fellow quick with his hands and quicker with a shank. Once a petty thief, he's currently in a city of immigrants somewhat founded by Damien.


Jacob Broschart: Talented, handsome, wealthy. The Golden Boy of his generation. Jacob hails from a family of Freelance Knights, high-ranking Nobles famous for their bravery, integrity and skill with a sword. After realizing Vera's feelings for him through a confession the other thought him asleep for, Damien was distraught as the girl was much too young for his strike zone. But he also accepted she was the Best Girl, full of love and care, and so vowed to find her a man suitable for her pure maiden heart. Instead of waiting for her to grow up and try thinking of her as more than a second sister, the FUCKING IMPATIENT CUNT thought to be a matchmaker instead. The person he chose? You guessed it, it's Jacob. Because only this kind of heroic youth could be worthy of an adorable Angel like Vee in his mind. Nevermind how she might feel about being set up with another dude by the guy she loves. 

Jacob's family seems to have a supernatural foresight or intuition, because when Day goes to pick him up several of them are already waiting.

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      New Blah64
      Status: i’ll start my own cartel, with blackjack and hookers
      Jul 21, 2019

      I don't think I could ever recommend this to anyone.

      It is not a series to be taken seriously, and it is so very stupid.

      It has a 'plot'.  Maybe.  Kind of.  Not really.  The MC does whatever he wants, and he is not a relatable character.

      None of the character motivations make much sense.  Few of the jokes are funny. 

      It reads like someone wrote a one-off joke story, but it keeps going.

      And I keep reading. 

      There is no good reason I should like this, but I do.  Much like this story, some things just don't have to make sense.

      Read More

      0 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c9
      Feb 7, 2019

      May contain some spoilers.

      The story sets itself with an entertaining premise, despite sharing common MC characteristics with other novels. I wanted to know what the real identities of the MC's background were, considering any normal 2-year old cannot kill boars. Why did the mom hide the fact she could speak another foreign language? What was the father doing away from the family? However, as soon as the MC could talk, the story turned for the worse.

      In most of the chapters, the author would include modern day memes as jokes. The problem is that it isn't funny but cringy. I felt shivers up my spine when I read "you're a man of culture as well". In addition, the author puts another layer of cringe on the MC by making him perverted. I can't take the MC seriously when every so often he's screaming "milfs" and thinking about big tiddy goth cat-girls. Maybe this story doesn't want you to take the MC that seriously and it's supposed to be light-hearted. But, the world is actually pretty dark despite. In the game scenario, without the help of the MC, the sister gets hanged, burned alive, tortured and, at best, scarred for life and never showing herself in public. The author's juxtaposition of the MC's action and reaction and the reality of a dark world makes his journey superficial at best.

      Oh, and the MC is definitely a Mary Sue. He's a cooking genius, fighting genius, and super handsome with a charm of SSS+ (whatever that means). This is a problem because he's only 12 and he's unlikely to face a challenge with any risk of failure. Honestly, he's a wish fulfillment. 

      If you're a young adult and older, I do not recommend this novel for you to read.

      Read More

      13 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: --
      Jan 2, 2019

      shamelessly giving 5 stars! Since I couldnt find this specific sort of story within the otome game genre, here we are! Make no promises for how long I plan to continue this tho >, >

      Read More

      12 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: another, barkeep
      Jun 25, 2019

      Honestly? If this story was written seriously where it kept the basis and continued along with the story that it was set at the beginning and then brought out the secrets that are revealed later, it would be a pretty entertaining novel. 

      It's not badly written, just in short its nothing but wish fulfillment and poorly executed cringe humour, which is a fair source of laughs despite some peoples reactions to it including my own. 

      When the story wildly derailed it was funny for the first two or three chapters when you'd think that's it and then we go back but then.. That's it. The rest of the story is that, and its not nearly as entertaining as it could have been.

      Read More

      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: tale of the dragon god
      Jun 9, 2019

      If I had to sum up what this story is, I would call it a completely irreverent genre parody that likes to get off on trope subversion.

      I noticed some less charitable reviewers categorized the MC as a "Mary Sue" due to him being OP. Well, I think this assessment is off. Being OP does not make a character a Mary Sue. A lack of any actual personality is another part of that label. In the case of this story, the MC has plenty of personality to easily shed that label. (Not quite at Ainz Oal Gown or Saitama levels, but it is still believable and it gets the job done.)

      I think there is a rather brilliant direction that the author takes the protagonist, especially so far as it handles the "dense harem protagonist" trope. The MC, since he has all these girls going after him, decides to fake being dense as a means of easily turning the girls down without having to get confrontational.

      That's only half of where the so-called "denseness" of the MC comes from though. I mentioned he's got some serious personality to him. Well, one of his personality traits is that he's really stubborn. His being stubborn causes him to refuse to admit some things might be possible.

      These two prongs of faking being dense, as well as some actual denseness born from very believable and understandable stubbornness are things I take to just be another aspect of the trope subversion the author has taken. It is like the author put a lot of thought into how to hit, and subsequently subvert, every single harem genre trope in the book, and got the bonus of a really fun and complex character in the process.

      It is pretty fun and refreshing, but the fact that the series really genuinely does seem to be obsessed with intentionally subverting every single trope the author can possibly think of a way to work into the story does become a little repetitive after it jumps the shark with the Ogre scene. This, combined with a bit of lazy writing in certain places as it does some small-on-details montages consisting of only character dialogue in order to get through a set of repetitive actions, prevents me from rating this series with 5 stars.

      It is definitely a fun series, and with the exception of those lazy writing instances I just mentioned it is also well written. The plotting keeps pushing the already OP protagonist to be even more OP a little too quickly for my comfort, but it slightly makes up for it due to the protagonist's personality and the direction he has decided to take his motivations, which seem to spiral out of control as the protagonist's own stubbornness takes him for a ride. I wouldn't call it the best series I've seen, there is a lot that could have been done better, but I would definitely recommend it.

      Read More

      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: proposing to a queen, stealing her husband (pt. 2)
      Feb 3, 2019

      Let me just say,

      You don't know where this one is going.

      But let me tell you, it's gonna be a wild ride, kid.

      Read More

      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c6
      Jan 5, 2019

      OKAAAAAAAAAAAAYI legit enjoyed this more than I'll ever do with other isekai stuff that's around, so kudos to the one that made this hoping for more

      Read More

      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c0
      May 1, 2019


      It's alright, there isn't really much in the way of plot. So, I'm somewhat confused as to what direction it's heading in... however, I lowkey love MC's personality which brought it up to 3 stars. The novel is not serious at all, which almost works, however - some semi-serious developments could really bring this up a star imo. Also, background context??? Everything is so loosely described that I only have a vague idea of what is actually happening 99% of the time. None of the characters feel all that real to me, 80% of the cast is just one-dimensionally silly - which can certainly work in a short story but will eventually get old as the novel continues. (So, some character development would be A+)

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: settling accounts before leaving
      Mar 7, 2019

      Lost my sides for like 7 chapters in a row? This is great and I couldn't ask for more

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c0
      Feb 11, 2019

      I find myself rolling with laughter while reading this, which isn't easy to do. Recommended.

      Read More

      2 Likes · Like Permalink
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