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/ Series / The Caretaker of Otherworldly Tenants
The Caretaker of Otherworldly Tenants
The Caretaker of Otherworldly Tenants
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4.0 (74 ratings)
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If you like Monster Musume or 4.5 Tatami Mat Alternate World, then this story is for you!

Assassin catgirl, succubus, and slimegirl with multiple personalities?

Eighteen year old Akira Katagiri applied to be a dormitory caretaker on a whim. Next thing he knew, his application was rammed through and the job was his. Akira now manages a dorm in which tenants from another world come to stay, and they need his help to adjust to Earth!

However, his tenants may be carrying more baggage than what's in their suitcases. Some are scarred from war, others suffer from depression. Will this high school graduate be able to navigate his own life as well as the livelihoods of others?

First volume of the book, containing the missing chapters, available on Amazon!: The Caretaker of Tenants from Another World: Vol. 1

Book 1:
Book 2:

*This story will be published to Amazon. 90% of the chapters have been removed from public domain.
*This story will be crossposted to Royal Road

AdultComedyDramaEcchiFantasyHaremIsekaiRomanceSlice of Life
Cohabitation Demons Depression Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World First-time Intercourse Friendship Gate to Another World Heartwarming Human-Nonhuman Relationship Living Abroad Magic Modern Day Modern Fantasy Monster Girls Nudity Older Love Interests R-18 Roommates Sex Friends Succubus Threesome Tragic Past Wars
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 72

    Story should be renamed as Caretaker of Ange's harem.
    I went into this story expecting harem and romance elements as advertised by the tags.
    But now it seems mostly to center around Ange and her harem of girls.

    Main character here doesn't have a harem. He has a few quirks and only involves himself with other girls if Ange wants a threesome or more. (Basically s*x friends)

    I mean if the author wanted to go down that direction, with Ange being the center point, then it's not an issue nor would I give a rating for that.
    But he shouldn't have advertised it as a MC harem story then switch to a female harem one midway.

    It's not why I got invested in this story.

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