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/ Series / A Hymn of Blood and Curses
A Hymn of Blood and Curses
A Hymn of Blood and Curses
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Blood Magery

An extinct school of magery. Due to blood mage persecutions and book burnings, no one knows the true extent of this school's abilities.

Blood Hymn

A prophecy of death, considered to be one of the two remnants of the extinct school of blood magery.


A woman who hears blood hymns. In Gardara, conservators are indentured servants who use their blood hymns to save people.


The person whose death is foretold in a blood hymn.


The ceremonial procession surrounding the act of a conservator finding and warning their cynosure of their predicted death.


The highly infectious disease that turns its vectors into walking corpses with the sole intention of spreading the disease. It's considered to be the second remnant of the extinct school of blood magery.


A professional trained to enter the deadlands to hunt and kill creatures infected with the blood-curse.

Tears of Dealth

A magical storm of unknown origin that plagued the lands 500 years ago.

The Deadlands

The wildlands of Gardara that were warped and twisted by the magical storm known as the Tears of Death.

Blood Queen

The famous blood mage who took over Gardara in the immediate aftermath of the Tears of Dealth. Little is known about her other than her tyranny and proficiency in blood magery, which she used to enslave those who disagreed with her and to create the blood-curse.

Rebel King

The man who lead a rebellion against the Blood Queen and deposed her.

First Sword

One of two swords that sword-wielding huntsmen carry. The first sword is a longer blade with a curved, single-edged blade designed for slashing. It's wielded with two hands and used in open spaces.

Second Sword

One of two swords that sword-wielding huntsmen carry. The second sword is a shorter blade with a curved, single-edged blade designed for slashing. It's wielded with one hand and used in enclosed spaces.

Ending Knife

A short pointed dagger that huntsmen use to euthanize people infected with the blood-curse or to end their own life if they become infected. The blood-curse is terminal and euthanasia and suicide are widely considered to be more favourable than dying of the disease.

Dowsing Compass

A compass that conservators fill with their blood and use to locate their cynosure's.

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      New Sairren
      Status: verse 1 – line 1

      This story has potential, at least from what I've read in just the first "chapter". The setting is interesting and the negative public opinion of those who can prophesy the deaths of others comes across as natural. The main character's visions are very cryptic, befitting the overall tone of the story. Her reactions in the first "chapter" to what happens around her are also very believable, though I thought she was much younger than what's stated. The story has potential, but needs some refinement to just make it flow better. But other than this, I'd say to give it a read if you enjoy a gothic fantasy around nobility, bloodlines, and prophecies.

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