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Grimm, The Mythical Detective
Grimm, The Mythical Detective
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Genesis has it all to become someone great.

Power, Determination, Commitment, Brilliance, Sheer Will.

However, he is within the grasp of his asshole of a Father who only desires to use his gifts for his own benefits.

Yearning to break free, he sets into a journey to change his fate, taking sanctuary within his Great-Grandfather’s Ancestral House and cutting all contacts with his family.

Then one day, just a few weeks after his 16th Birthday. A package and a letter from his departed Great-Grandfather arrived at his doorstep containing an invitation to enter the world of Eternal Empire, the VRMMORPG that literally conquered the World due to its 100% Realism.

And along with the invitation was the revelation that Jenova Corp, the company that created Eternal Empire is offering a share of their company to the First Player who can reach the Top and Conquer the Game.

With the discovery of such riches within Gaming, an extent enough to buy himself his Freedom, Genesis stepped forward into the Game and aim to reach the Top.

“This is his story as he create Legends while taking the Path of Conquering the Worlds in the persona of the Enigmatic and All-Powerful Grimm, The Mythical Detective.”

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      Status: [v6]chapter 9: finale, the final showdown
      Jan 23, 2019

      So I've read a bit and here is my impression. Overall, the story is good and has a ton of potential. The plot is okay. A bit messy and jumbled together, but the fact that the main character has clear cut goals keeps this all together. The elements of the plot aren't the most cohesive, but they work towards a goal and serve a purpose. The main character is interesting, he's a genius, but at the same time has human motivations like the rest of us. He's not working towards a profound and inexplicable goal that we can't understand. His actions are reasonable, and have logical backing behind them. At the same time, the mystery of what is going to happen keeps the reader drawn in. We are given enough information to know what's going on, but still be curious and hungry for more info. One suggestion though would be to tone down the amount of powers he gets. It was cool for the first powers, but after he becomes loaded with OP skills and whatnot, it seems as if there is no real struggles. Also, it becomes hard to keep track of his abilities when he has tens of them. This is especially true because his main powers have five or more sub abilities that they can do. I can't even remember what his individual abilities do, let alone remember all of his over a hundred abilities. Most good stories I've seen have characters with a few core powers that are really good. However, the main character's powers lack focus, and this means that all his powers just become fuzzy and more meaningless. Is he a swordsman? A cook? A gunner? A fire mage? An alchemist? A martial artist? A poison user? A summoner? A beast tamer? A treasure hunter? An assassin? Without this kind of focus, I regularly read about him using his abilities and can't even remember where he got them.  At the point I'm at, he has well over a hundred, probably around two hundred. The problem I see with this and many stories like this is that even the author forgets what powers the protagonist has. I see the main characters get powers, which are soon forgotten and left to waste. His path is also completely unfocused. He grows stronger by upgrading his class, then his race, then his level, then his profession, then his race again, then his bloodline, and so on. Like the powers, this progression is also changed then forgotten. By the 6th volume, his class is completely forgotten and hasn't been referenced at all since the beginning, despite it being the basis of the title. For a bit he used his profession a lot, and now even I forgot about it until I made this review. I'm not a super genius like the main character, and literally cannot keep track of all his abilities. My suggestion for the author is that if you cannot recall the names and effects of all his abilities as the creator of them off the top of your head, he has too many. Rather than give him fancy abilities that are superfluous, give him some strong core abilities that are simple and to the point. Choose a path of progression, instead of jumping from path to path. Just make his powers understandable. Additionally, the grammar could use a lot of work. The author seems to have a decent grasp of English, but often messes up the verb tenses. For example


      These glorified terrorist has an impressive teamwork.’


      There are only a dozen, including the Elder, are left.

      This kind of grammar need to be fixed. It would be fine if it got better, but these examples are from the 6th volume. I have seen no signs of improvement at all since the very beginning. Grammarly is a great tool to help with this, and you can also look up info about how to properly use verb tenses to help with your current issue.  Many authors underestimate the importance of grammar, but I never see stories with bad grammar able to consistently stay at the top rankings. The story is there, and you've written many chapters already, so now I would focus on making sure that the chapters you have are good. To be honest, whenever I see a story with bad grammar, it gives me the impression the story was made by an elementary schooler or something. I know this is not the case, but my point is that bad grammar makes it so much harder to appreciate a story. If you want to improve as an English speaker and writer, fixing this should be your top priority. Overall, my impression of this story is that it's like a diamond, exempt it's unpolished, filled with impurities, and caked in mud. The potential to become the best story I have read is there, but there are too many things bogging it down.

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      Status: v6c10
      Jan 2, 2019

      I had a hard time trying write a review for this without accidentally making a synopsis. The main character Genesis, is logically invincible. He doesn't have bullsh*t plot armor because plot armor is for people who haven't planned a thousand moves ahead with almost psychopathic ease. The entertainment doesn't come from seeing whether he wins or loses it comes from unraveling the next step in Gen's plan (for what I assume is world domination and rebellion against the powers that be). That's not to say Gen can't adapt to changing circumstances. Oh no, unexpected events are only more pieces for him to manipulate.

      Tl;dr The main character is basically Li Qi Ye from emperor's domination without the annoying amount of filler that he spews from his mouth.

      Edit: I honestly want to redo this review but I'm far too lazy and it feels weird to change it 4 months later so I'll leave it be. Sunnyb has some good points though. 

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