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/ Series / [AGSA] Skyward, and The Adventure of Gargan Kiri
[AGSA] Skyward, and The Adventure of Gargan Kiri
[AGSA] Skyward, and The Adventure of Gargan Kiri
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For 11 years, he explored much of the known world, visiting the famed Imperial Capital of Man, to the Roots of the World Tree deep within the Elven’s Sacred Forest, to the Mobile Fortress of the Dwarves. Now he set out to discover the mythical Dimension Rift, a strange magical phenomenon that connected worlds and realms together.

One his last journey, following an unconfirmed rumor, he arrived at a mountain range known for their hundreds of wyverns’ nests. A gamble, a dangerous game, but if it was true, his dream would come true!

And it did, but with the unwelcome help of a pair of hungry and pissed wyvern, Gargan and the couple engaged in an airborne high speed chase. It almost cost him his wing, but he was able to narrowly escape, driving through a Dimensional Rift. “The rumor is true!”

And that is how Gargan Kiri the fearless explorer finds himself staring at Sky Archipelago, a cluster of countless islands floating just below the lowest batches of cloud.

This is a shared universe of Adventure's Guild: Sky Archipelago, a collaborative world build by multiple writers and their characters. I am a completely new writer, so don't expect something grand, nor my mother tongue's English, so please give me a hand on my journey to perfect my English!

Here is the link to the AGSA forum, in case you wanted to join us in on the fun!

Adventurer's Guild: Sky Archipelago AGSA
Adventurers Animal Characteristics Beastkin Calm Protagonist Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Guilds Magic Male Protagonist Transported into Another World
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