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/ Series / BUGS – Attack on Human
BUGS – Attack on Human
BUGS – Attack on Human
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Reincarnated from man to bug.
N the ant, has suffered greatly from the assault by the giant humans.
Huge swathes of water began pouring in.
His home was ravaged, his family was murdered in cold blood. N looks at his fallen comrades' floating bodies.
N wants revenge, thus he set out on a long journey.
He now joins up with his new comrades as they travel through the deadliest of dungeons known to bugs.
The forbidden land of stone and rubble.
A place filled with countless treasures and foes.
The city!!!

An insect superhero novel with superpowers! Fighting against humans in this perilous alternate reality!
A story written by an ant for humans.

This novel will transition into a mission-based SOL novel once the character and organization introduction is done.
It is a superhero/Akame Ga Kill novel for insects!
Just treat humans like AOT titans, missions like AGK, the world is perilous for insects!! Foes lurk every corner, primordial basilisks, white beast kings, flood dragons (lizards, cats, snakes) lurk even during peacetime.
The story moves based on character perspectives. Then lastly back to the human's PoV.

-Operation Frosted Vault: A human guards the pathway to countless resources, the zones inside are also filled with frost aura. The guardian will only open the gate twice a day in 6-minute intervals. Our task is to delay the opening duration, extend the transition process and extricate without being discovered. No one must die! Night Hawks deploy!
-Reality: A lazy man goes to open the fridge to take out his frozen meal (6minutes). He then opens the fridge again to get the sauce.
This is a joke series, Ant will not be focusing on this one. Updates will probably be irregular.
As usual, one of Ant's self-drawn covers.

ActionEcchiFantasyGender BenderIsekaiRomanceSlice of Life
Demi-Humans Heroes Identity Crisis Insects Revenge
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