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/ Series / [BL] A Pirate’s Creed
[BL] A Pirate’s Creed
[BL] A Pirate’s Creed
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When a stowaway sneaked onboard one of the World's infamous bands of Pirates, what else could be the end result? Capture? Torture? Walk off the Plank? Kept as their salve? Or perhaps beheaded? However, this pirate crew has the most unusual person as their captain. It's almost unbelievable that the individual managed to take control of his whole crew and defeat some of the strongest enemies of the pirates - The Imperial Army.

In the land of Altia, pirates were known as malicious crooks and criminals, nothing but a bunch of scoundrels trying to take what they want from the people. Even their heads are wanted with a price that no ordinary citizens could even achieve in their lifetime. Behind the curtains, however, is a group of people treating each other like family and have bonded like non-other. Searching for treasures with their ambitions as they set sail across the wondrous sea.

But perhaps, it's not so bad after all.... right?


This story would be formatted in shorts, so the pacing doesn't really come to attention. So if you're interested to read more, you can like and comment on the released chapters for support. Thanks for reading~

ActionAdventureBoys LoveComedyDramaFantasy
Adventurers Anti-social Protagonist Boss-Subordinate Relationship Crime Criminals Demi-Humans Demons Familial Love Flashbacks Pirates Spirits
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