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/ Series / Reborn From the Cosmos
Reborn From the Cosmos
Reborn From the Cosmos
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4.6 (472 ratings)
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Lourianne Tome is a mildly talented, underachieving, slightly lecherous summoner who wants nothing more than to live a simple life away from her father's expectations. Those dreams are waylaid when a madman knocks her carriage off the road and sacrifices her to power a summoning. After a fateful encounter with a powerful elemental, Lou becomes something other than human and embarks on a journey to live happily and bring a little amusement to a god tired of the world's status quo.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyGirls LoveHaremMatureSlice of Life
Aggressive Characters Animal Characteristics Aristocracy Character Growth Comedic Undertone Devoted Love Interests Dragons Easy Going Life Elves Female Protagonist Futanari Manipulative Characters Non-human Protagonist Perverted Protagonist Reincarnated as a Monster Secret Identity Shameless Protagonist Shapeshifters Succubus Summoning Magic Tentacles
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    New Rkynona
    Status: arc 7

    Longtime reader. It starts a little rough, and the author has a tendency to indulge in the power fantasy trap of contriving little conflicts that don't have much substance just to let the protagonist stomp on them. Arcs 3 and 4 are a little repetitive. The smut is good but some themes will be divisive.

    Sometime between arc 4 and 5, though, the author underwent some sort of sudden power spike and started delivering absolute bangers one after another. Characterization and relationship dynamics are their strong suits, and they really dialed it up to 11. Also the worldbuilding suddenly comes together to form a genuinely interesting mystery underlying the plot. 

    I've reread it three or four times at this point and it remains one of my & my girlfriend's favorites. We're always looking forward to the chapter drops like it's Christmas.

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    0 Likes · Like
    Status: arc 4-royal pains-part 16

    The short version: 

    This story is better than most of what is on this site. Definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.

    On my personal scale this would be a 7.5/10, but on ScribbleHub anything other than 5 stars might as well be a downvote.

    The long version:

    Synopsis: (minor spoilers)


    The story starts out with a tried and true set-up of a rather talentless character suddenly gaining talents beyond human measure.

    This premise is somewhat subverted by the main character starting out and for a long time, staying devoid of ambition.

    Slowly she gains things to work towards, though she remains cynical and selfish.

    She has a elf wife and gathers more and more potential love interests.


    Style: (No spoilers)


    The style is fine — Certainly above standard for ScribbleHub. I didn't wow me, or disappoint in any way. In general it's unobtrusive and gets the job done.


    Story and conflicts: (minor spoilers)


    The story is a nice blend of character- and story-driven. 

    The main character will actively make choices — Mostly due to pettiness, or other less then noble motivations — but there's also plenty of trouble that comes to our protagonist's doorstep, mostly in form of another person who wants a piece of her wife.

    The overarching conflicts have decent variety and never weren't entertaining, even though there's never really any tension because the protagonist with her wife and her summons can mop the floor with everyone if she really desired to.

    On the smaller side... It is a bit repetitive. Kinda feels like every person in this world is a horndog who wants to rail her wife and won't back down no matter what. Well... This novel is horny, so... I guess it fits.

    The main character never makes the best of her overpowered abilities. Mainly because the author didn't really think of it. If you feel like you can't ignore that, don't try to start this novel. It can get aggravating.


    Characters and relationships: (minor spoilers)


    The characters, in general, are not good people.

    Our main character is cynical, unambitious, petty and morally ambiguous.

    Her wife is a sadist, shady, manipulative, quick to anger and... At some points I truly wondered if she actually cares for the main character, or is just with her because she can fulfil her fetishes.

    Their relationship is very physical and... Well... I guess they're happy.

    I wouldn't recommend this novel if you don't like toxic partnerships, because this pairing truly can be.

    Most other characters, whether family, or stranger; noble, vassal or merchant, really just approach the pair with thoughts of profit. 

    Except for a character in Arc 3. She's a sweetheart.

    I do wish our main character would draw a line in the relationship somewhere... Often her wife provokes and hurts her and after a quick f**k they're good again.

    Hmmm... I'm personally not too comfortable with their relationship as it is, but then again, it isn't a guide to healthy relationship 101. 


    NSFW chapters:


    Dunno. Don't read much smut, so I can't compare it to much. Good enough I'd say. 

    If you really don't want to read about elves getting troll-d*ck and all-things sadism, then stay away. Otherwise... Go ahead.


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    28 Likes · Like
    Status: a3p14

    Personal pros:

    • Steady pacing that doesn't drag things out or pad words
    • Grammar
    • Descriptive naming
    • Interesting story
    • Decent system, even if a bit needlessly convoluted (the numbers portion of the system was never really explored, only the affinities part, which just reduces the systen to just basic elemental magic + mana, with a side of summoning). However, the summoning part is really good, which kind of makes up for it.
    • Humor

    Personal cons:

    • Chaotic-neutral leaning protagonist and steadily moving toward evil
    • Harem characters are starting to feel a little samey, as in they're desperate women who really wants something from Lou, with a superior complex. Also haha s*x funny.

    Cons are personal opinions, so I didn't count them toward the scores. Except for my personal dislikes, a really solid story.

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    17 Likes · Like
    Status: arc 3-initiate-part 14

    A young, rebellious woman is on her way to further her magical education at the behest of her father. She doesn't want to go and has spent her entire spoiled life hating the world she was born into as if she had been instead born into our modern world with all of its dysfunctional social finger pointing. Bad things happen to her and then she wakes up in the Enchanted Forest of the Elves where she meets the love of her life. From here the real story begins.

    Going forward, and told in the first perspective, the starts out as one of adventure, learning, and some growth. Unfortunately it doesn't stay that way for long. Our "hero" quickly grows in power and as power is want to do, corrupts her already warped sense of self.

    Out comes the ego, the bullying, the privilege, the narcissism, the arrogance, the misuse of power, and all the other bad things we oft see portrayed those born into higher social strata demonstrate. Only difference between her and most of the others is that she has no class, no savvy, no elegance and her poison is mostly directed towards her fellow nobility. Though, that doesn't stop her from the occasional bought of bullying the commoners either.

    I had hopes for this series going through the first arc, but it is now clear to me, mid way through the 3rd arc, that this story is only getting worse as it progresses, not better. What little character growth Lou has had, has all been negative. All it has done was to give her power and the confidence to bring out her own arrogance. Some of her victims deserved her wrath, but far too many others did not. Instead of trying to grow and be a better person, she has become the very kind of person she proclaimed to despise in the beginning and her character growth has become stagnant to boot.

    The good: The setting in general was pretty good. Ignoring the human lands, which were quite poorly developed as they were very generic in nature and done up to make the human civilization look incompetent to boot, the other aspects of the world was much more interesting. The magic system, being based on mathematics, was perhaps the most top notch bit lore in the entire thing. Summoning and how summons are used was a close second.

    Also good was the supporting cast in general. The villains were reasonably despisable. Her family was complicated. Some were indeed motivated by ambitions of greed and status, while others were similar to her and just trying to escape and live their lives on their own terms. Kierra, Lou's elven wife, was a rich and well balanced character. Wild and unpredictable at times, she was also grounded and practical within the confines of her elven nature and culture.

    The bad: Lourianne Tome. The protagonist of the story. The story is told from the vantage of her own eyes. Initially it was easy to feel sorry for her, to feel compassion, to sympathize with her misfortunes and to want to root for her, to cheer her on. Sadly, this all began to change during the 2nd arc. We see our hero start to tarnish and shed her shine. Her growth is still there, but it starts to take a darker turn. Her arrogance, ego, narcissism, shallowness, callousness towards anyone else who isn't her wife, foolish shortsightedness, and a willingness to abuse power all begin to appear. All of which are the very same things she claimed to hate in other members of the nobility. Sadly, by the time I got to arc 3, any positive growth was gone entirely. It has all been negative since. Power corrupts and Lou was in the process of becoming corrupt herself.

    As the authors grows, I hope they decide to rewrite this one day. There are some good ideas here. Lots of interesting supporting characters and villains. They just need to learn to write a better protagonist. Do that and I'd be happy to  revise my rating upwards. For now, 2 stars is the best I can do. Had promise, didn't live up to it.

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    12 Likes · Like
    Status: arc 1-the enchanted forest-part 22

    Very good story about a shapeshifting protag in the vein of To Your Eternity and deserves more attention than it currently has. But be warned that it borderline deserves the smut tag sometimes, so no reading in public.

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: arc 2-summoner’s revenge-part 4

    I like the story.... Cant wait for the harem to come together.....

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: arc 2-summoner’s revenge-part 24

    Its one of the best fantasies with no Lit-RPG I've read on this website. So far the story is interesting and does not feel slow or dense. Im find myself checking every day for updates.

    To this point of the review you may have noted that Im terrible at expresing my opinion. 

    I will say this: Great work with this novel. I want it to be more popular so more people will enjoy it. I hope I helped you decide to start based on this horrible review.

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    5 Likes · Like
    Status: arc 5-winter war-19

    to be honest I like this story during arc 1-2 but in arc3 not so much but still quite enjoy it starting from arc 4-5 I hate because there is no strength development and MC is like being the target of the whole world's problems

    arc1 get power change body and get cruel trainer

    arc2 get bell and geo

    arc3I honestly don't know what he got in this arc except friends

    arc4 get indifference around her

    arc5 to be honest I'm too annoyed to read this arc

    mini arc 3 is twice as good as arc 3-5

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    4 Likes · Like

    This is one of the greats. Solid story, s*xy, but tastefully done. Did I mention the sadistic elf?

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: 400 something

    I'll be honest, its very well written, the pacing is expertly done and it plays around with many interesting concepts. There is scarcely a boring moment, yet it knows when to give breaks between tense moments. This is a very good story. One I don't like. The characters are all bastards. Bar maybe one of them. This is appealing to many, but not to me. Almost everyone is awful and that ain't for me. So if you want to read a story about awful assholes, this totally is up your alley.

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