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/ Series / Summoning Went Wrong
Summoning Went Wrong
Summoning Went Wrong
80.2k Views 2464 Favorites 60 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 612 Readers
4.0 (43 ratings)
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Total Views (All): 80,229
Total Views (Chapters): 59,879
Average Views:998
Word Count:172,757
Average Words:2,879
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    Status: c4

    it's a really good concept but currently the wording can be confusing and the story has a very fast pace feel to it it can leave you confused and missing things other than that it's a solid story with decent sized chapters and a good premise.

    author should probably work on pacing and overall story progression/ structure cause it can leave people confused.

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    Status: volume 2. chapter 15 what lies under.

    I only managed to read this far because I didn't want to believe that something that managed to get trending a few times could be as bad as the first chapter seemed to suggest, so I tried to power through what I believed would be some shaky few first chapters before it got good, but it never got better than how it started. There's such an embarassing amount of errors that this novel honestly looks like a very early draft more than anything, and the story amounts to nothing more than misery porn and a lazily written overpowered protagonist that does whatever the writer thought would be cool in the moment. Would strongly NOT recommend.

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