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/ Series / The Menocht Loop — How I Accidentally Became the Strongest Necromancer
The Menocht Loop — How I Accidentally Became the Strongest Necromancer
The Menocht Loop — How I Accidentally Became the Strongest Necromancer
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Ian Dunai thought he was powerless.

He’s not alone: only a small percent of the population have high enough affinities to perform magic. But in the eyes of his father’s gifted family, Ian's impotence is a disgrace—a stain on their lineage, brought about by his mother's common blood.

One fateful day, Ian awakens not in his college dorm but in the middle of the ocean on an old dinghy. Confronted by risen skeletons, tortured captives, and a shoreside city in the throes of contagion, reaching home is the least of his problems.

Without magic, Ian's life is in constant danger, but he soon discovers that death isn't the end. Whenever Ian dies, he wakes back up on the dinghy, cursed to relive the day over and over again.

As Ian investigates the purpose of the loop and a way to escape, he begins to realize that he might be more powerful than anyone—especially himself—ever imagined.

A time loop fantasy adventure! Not a romance novel. A bit dark at times. Just a note that all of the selected tags are relevant, but some of them only make an appearance later in the story.

[ Also published on Royal Road. ]

Alternate World Amnesia Aristocracy Brotherhood Character Growth Clever Protagonist Confident Protagonist Death Elemental Magic Fantasy World Futuristic Setting Heavenly Tribulation Human Weapon Magic Modern Fantasy Necromancer Overpowered Protagonist Past Plays a Big Role Past Trauma Protagonist Strong from the Start Saving the World Strength-based Social Hierarchy Strong to Stronger Time Loop Unconditional Love
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      Status: quack

      Read this on Royal Road. Good stuff.

      The Menocht Loop is story following Ian Dunai a flawed protagonist who we see slowly evolve over many chapters.

      This story's main charm is the interactions between people and introspection of our protagonist. In a way it reminds me of Brandon Sanderson's way of writing characters.

      The magic system is also very interesting. It puts a twist on the classic four elements magic system with some other types added in. And once the story really gets into the more advanced aspects of magic it really gets intense.

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      Status: continue on

      This is a gold mine of a novel.

      Characters have many dimensions and not cardboard cut outs, even the minor characters are well-done, that we meet throughout the novel. 

      The power system is unique and described well (the ones that we have introduced anyway) and the MC is op but not in your face way. 

      There first arc of how he got the power, which is very interesting and the second arc is ongoing but I believe it'll be very bloody, as there were hints of how the MC can be even he get mad (he can be utterly ruthless when he wants to be).

      Anyway, it's a really well written Novel and I recommend it.

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