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/ Series / Reborn as The Heavenly Prince
Reborn as The Heavenly Prince
Reborn as The Heavenly Prince
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My name is Feng Cai, ninth prince of the Immortal Sacred Heaven Empire and the only son between the Heavenly Emperor and Empress, or at least that is what everyone else believes in.

In reality, my real name is Jack Bakers an average human from earth who enjoyed reading cultivation novels reborn as a rich prince should have been a good thing if I wasn't aware how those Xianxia stories usually go for the young masters.

This means that there is a high chance I am going to get killed by a murderhobo protagonist, so yeah, not the best outcome, which is why I am going to become strong enough so that will never happen to me.

Ah who are we kidding? I am screwed, ain't I?

ActionComedyFantasyHaremIsekaiMartial ArtsRomanceSupernatural
Cosmic Wars Cultivation Dao Comprehension Enlightenment Famous Parents Fantasy World Handsome Male Lead Love Interest Falls in Love First Pragmatic Protagonist Strong to Stronger Sword Wielder Transmigration Unique Cultivation Technique Xianxia
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Table of Contents
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