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/ Series / The S*x Beast System (The World Of Systems)
The S*x Beast System (The World Of Systems)
The S*x Beast System (The World Of Systems)
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4.0 (657 ratings)
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The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony Day, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system… which made him almost faint with shock.

What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, turned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible… and completely changed his entire life.

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ActionAdultEcchiFantasyHaremLitRPGMatureSchool LifeSmut
Adopted Protagonist BDSM Beastkin Beautiful Female Lead Demons Dragons Dwarfs Elves First-time Intercourse Harem-seeking Protagonist Level System Magic Monster Girls Perverted Protagonist Polygamy Pregnancy R-18 Rape Special Abilities Vampires Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c79

    It works really well as smut, yet it still manages to find a lot of genuinely funny moments in the interactions with other characters, though especially the system, as well as plot development that makes you want to keep reading.

    Sometimes the back-and-forth between the MC and the System is a bit tedious and boring, and the rest of the characters are quite dumbed down to the extent that they seem like they were from a cringe Japanese shounen WN. Ultimately, it's alright because this is primarily a smut through and through. 

    Update: This has completely become a mindless shounen Japanese romcom LN. It seems as if the author forgot it was merely a smut with a dumb plot and decided to make the focal point of the story the said dumb plot just like a Japanese LN. In other words, it's full of cheap angsty drama, the MC getting cockblocked in literally every scene to drag out the chapters, one-dimensional characters, cringe dialogue, etc. I'm fairly disappointed but I understand why people still like it despite all those things, and even I have to recognize that the lewd scenes are pretty well-written which is what drew me in in the first place.

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    Status: chapter 87: situation update

    <<First I want to preface this. This isn't entirely my thing (the story or writing a decent review), but I felt the reviews were a little lacking as of yet.>>

    This can be thought of as a s*x fantasy where the fantasy is a fun and interesting double edged blade. Among this thoughtful setup there is some minor adventure and suspense elements sprinkled in.

    I was worried this story was going to be really dark and gritty but it wasn't. The MC is actually often thoughtful and caring to his love interests. When something darker does happen there's usually a good explanation or at least a decent circumstantial release valve soon to follow.

    Honestly I wouldn't have predicted that I would like it as much as I have, especially considering my love of fluff, but it was surprisingly enjoyable and I'm waiting for more chapters.

    If I am to level a criticism it would be that some of the minor characters feel like they've gotten lost/forgotten along the way. I'm hoping that this is a temporary thing and that as the story arcs progress they find their way back into the story and find their own place in it.

    Grammar: 4 Stars (Minor Mistakes here and there)

    Characters: 4.5-5 Stars (Even some minor characters have some depth and realism)

    Story-line: As a smut story 5 Stars; As a story overall 3-4 Stars.

    <<I may tweak this review in the future as I read more and reread my review. I hope this is more helpful than not to the community :-) >>

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    Status: c88

    I cannot remember the last time I laughed this hard, while hard.

    As long as the "adult" content doesn't scare you off?  This story is a great read.

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    Status: c27

    Great story where the author actually gives the characters substance.

    Relatively stable updating frequency.

    Also not for the faint of heart.

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    Status: chapter 158: elf kingdom (part-3)

    The synopsis was interesting, the execution poor. From boring, one dimensional characters, to annoying "helpful AIs", to a MC that is as dumb as rock without any of the innocence that makes such idiots tolerable, I found it virtually impossible to respect any character in this novel.

    The story starts out fairly evenly paced, but then takes off like a homesick meteor only to run solidly into obstacles along the way that make for a jarring start and stop reading experience.

    In the end, I am honestly baffled why this story was rated #1 in anything.

    At the end of the day, the story failed to deliver on even the tiniest of hopes and expectations and greatly disappointed across the board. For just about any tag, dear reader, that might have brought you here, I strongly suspect you will find other stories a far far better experience than this one.

    Edit: Oh, and expect to also find homophobia and fetish shaming here.

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    Status: chapter 117: the mock duels (part-3)

    Great Story and a good read!!!.

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    7 Likes · Like

    Author writes great plot, with great character development. You can tell he put alot of thought into what will happen, and what he wants to happen. It is a fun read, highly recommend.

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    Status: chapter 143: hungry hounds (part-1)

    I like this Story and here is why

    • The System, it is very important in this story, it talks to the MC. It is also noteworthy that the System has its own goals and desires, that are not entirely clear to the MC. The System often reminds the MC of abilities and duties. The System is also unfair

      it has literal kill switches in it and will kill him in hours or days unless he does what it says he needs to.

      a bit more in depth on the system

      there are 2 of them, one is an absolute asshole that claims to have his survival in mind and the other is playing nice but seems to work against him. The former one is the one that is seen far more often is constantly offends the MC and does everything it can to kill him as fast as possible, one example, he has a timer on his level ups, something people usually don't have and if he doesn't level up fast enough he dies, instead of waiting for the timer to almost run out and then level him up the system pushed level ups on him (he could delay them) as soon as possible, even though these level ups could worsen his position and it make the MC dislike it while claiming to help.

    • The MC: He is really really dumb. It can even hurt at times. He is a decent human being and at least tries. But he lets himself be pushed around by everyone and barely even tries to reason out what's going on.
    • The women: They all love him for their own reasons, contrived reasons but they have them. They are also with an unnerving regularity virgins. So much that at one-point I expected a mother to be a virgin too. This however seems to lessen as the story progresses.
    • The bad guys: they are numerous and not always obvious, there is one obvious bad guy, but he is so comically over the top bad that it is hardly acceptable. It begins with almost manslaughter and ends with

      threatening gangrape of completely unrelated people and murder threats.

      However, the other people who are a danger to the MC are more realistic.
    • The Stories first s*x act is rape, it is basicly rape her till she likes it, with a tiny twists. There are other rape scene later mostly by the MC's hand and even some s*x rapeplay. But I don't dislike having this in a story so technically this is a positive from my point of view.

    At this point I have to say something that is not very nice about the story but I am certain the author does not hold these believes. The Story is s*xist. It is partly based on how the MC's system works but it still is kind of distracting. These reasons are in the first chapters, so not really spoilers, still I mark them as such


    there are 3 states for woman, they haven't had s*x with the MC, they had s*x with the MC but are not in love, and they have had s*x with the MC and love him. The latest category are permanent women, if ever a permanent woman leaves him or sleeps with another man he instantly dies. This comes across as very s*xist cause it basically forbids anyone but the MC to have an open relationship. Women also seem to really need the D but despite being super s*xy can't get it before the MC comes into their lives.

    Despite all the negatives I still think this is a top-quality story. It got me laughing at parts and emotional at others and yes, groaning with frustration at the MC.

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    Status: chapter 94 brothel once again.

    If you are a reader going through the reviews or someone who hasn't even read the story yet let me enlighten you. Many people have a problem with the MC. Who is not that intelligent dense and well a pervert. A mega pervert. Now people say this story is a bit rapey. Yeah, they are kinda right but there are reasons and that is explained within the story. Only one woman has technically been raped but that was because she raped him first and was trying to kill him he just decided to take control when while being raped.. Well was forced to take control (you'll know what I mean if you read the story). In the other instance, the girl didn't resist but did not say he could go ahead giving the impression that she enjoyed being raped. Which is not the case. Later on, you find out why she did not resist and why she enjoyed the experience. Trust me if it wasn't for her special circumstances WHICH ARE EXPLAINED IF YOU READ FURTHER INTO THE STORY you understand why everything happened the way it did.  Another thing read the tags it even says rape but the only rape I've seen was woman on man so far. Now for my actual review.

    The story isn't so bad. They say the characters are one-dimensional but this story heavily focuses on the MC and his harem members. And the ones calling them one-dimensional haven't finished the story. From what I can see so far they are right. But being realistic here I can't see any reason they should change. Nothing has come up to instill a change in them so why would they change? Humans only change to achieve something or when they go through something. And neither has happened for all the side characters. The MC is slowly developing the plot is fantastic it goes fricking everywhere making you always want to read more. I will admit the MC is quite dense. The author should work on making his ignorance of obvious things less obvious. Stories like these do improve over time so I'm not expecting it to stay the same who knows? So yeah so far it's pretty good and fulfills its purpose every single one of those tags represents the book well. Apparently, there's homophobia but with the way this MC is set up, I'm not surprised. I think it's the system that is homophobic (totally guessing here haven't reached a part where there are any homophobic statements or jokes.) It's still no reason to bash this story because of the simple fact it's just a story. I look forward to the actual end of the book since I think it's still being updated and has not reached it's conclusion

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    4 Likes · Like

    Well for the first 15 chapters I'll write this review.... First of all this is a very Rape oriented smut novel and the author makes it so the MC pretty much has to s*xually assault women or else hell die... so not a strong start imo. Also so far there's is nothing interesting about any of the characters so far nothing that hooks you into liking them the first girl he f**ks she apparently enjoyed being s*xually assaulted and even thanked him even tho she was a virgin like wtf is that kind of logic... and the system omfg dont get my started on the ridiculous idiotic system who gets its rocks off everytime he has to assault someone and forces him to do more saying oh but you'll die in a few days if you dont.... all I can say is it's written like a one shot hentai manga with no real substance and its rapey and gross

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