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/ Series / Flight of the Draykes
Flight of the Draykes
Flight of the Draykes
18.2k Views 169 Favorites 186 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 134 Readers
3.6 (11 ratings)
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Total Views (All): 18,181
Total Views (Chapters): 11,169
Average Views:60
Word Count:273,237
Average Words:1,469
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    Status: chapter 23 – information!

    Has good potential, but too slow.

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    Status: c89

    All the way up to chapter 52, this was shaping up to be a really good novel, with great characters, a good plot, and a very nicely fleshed-out backstory. 

    Chapters 53 to 74 however, for me, is simply MC getting overdosed on drugs and landing in hippy-land

    Chapters 75 to 88 basically explain what really happened while MC was high

    chapter 89 was supposed to be MC's comeback, but


    he fainted for the second time

    for an unknown reason, and then the conversation basically got picked up from before that happened, making it basically pointless, and if it's not, then that would mean another mystery, and I'm just done with the mysteries. The plot now is so convoluted that I just can't be bothered to remember it, especially if what happened in hippy-land is canon

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