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Harem Overlord System
Harem Overlord System
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Mc is pervert and otaku.

he got habit of secretly oggling mature milf beauties so in order to fullfill his fantasies he help out with their work and secretly takes advantage from it.

Mc got into trouble by helping a beauty but in return beaten by thugs.

Got into accident in crossing the road.

Meeting the god.

Getting the wishes.........

Typical cliche scenario becoming isekai..

_ _ _ _ _ _

A/N:There might slow progress in regard to romance but there is harem tag so It has some snu snu moments but not in the starting.

There are actions after certain chapters everyone pervert likes.

So don't be disappoint about it I will get there eventually as I am also man of culture...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"I don't own anything except the Mc and some 'inserts' characters "

"I'm very novice in writing so tips or helping hand are welcomed"

Trinity Seven for the first world.
Based on an Anime Body Tempering Caring Protagonist Couple Growth Harem-seeking Protagonist Interdimensional Travel Threesome Transmigration
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