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/ Series / You’re The Heroine, and I’m Your Huckleberry! A Country Boy Isekai!
You’re The Heroine, and I’m Your Huckleberry! A Country Boy Isekai!
You’re The Heroine, and I’m Your Huckleberry! A Country Boy Isekai!
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For the longest time, Jack Roebuck- "Buck," for short- thought everything was normal. He was just a mundane man that liked God, Guns and his family. That all changes one night, when he picks up a lovely little hitchhiker caught out in the rain. On the way to her destination, though, he crashes his truck and dies. It's an unfortunate end for the gentle giant.

Only this isn't the end. To pay him back for his kindness, that lovely hitchhiker gives him another shot at life in another, more peaceful world! With just a few strings attached, as he finds himself swept up into the life of one of the village girls. It's everything he ever asked for, and a whole lot more than he ever expected. But he does know one thing-

The world can always use a few hard-working, good ole' boys around!

Adventurers Books Caring Protagonist Comedic Undertone Doting Love Interests Elves European Ambience Friendship Guardian Relationship Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist Heartwarming Magic Male Protagonist Nudity Polite Protagonist Poor Protagonist Power Couple Religions Satire Smart Couple Stubborn Protagonist Tomboyish Female Lead Tsundere Underestimated Protagonist
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