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/ Series / I am an inferior being with the ability to seduce women – The inferior most superior.
I am an inferior being with the ability to seduce women – The inferior most superior.
I am an inferior being with the ability to seduce women – The inferior most superior.
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I was summoned as a hero along with 9 girls, in a world ruled by women and men are treated as inferior. As I did not receive any divine power, they treated me as a loser and tried to take advantage of me. I escaped and now I must survive in a wild and dangerous world.... But thanks to a wanderer, I will be able to survive. I will study in a school of magic and become the best adventurer in the world. And I will use my power to get powerful companions. What does my power consist of? Basically, I can seduce women easily.

Alternate World Bisexual Protagonist Charismatic Protagonist Cute Protagonist Demons Discrimination Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Heroes Magic Matriarchy Medieval Multiple Protagonists Nudity R-18 Reincarnation Summoned Hero Transported into Another World Yandere
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      New GreenRiver
      Status: chapter 13
      Ther story is fast paced, but I like fast paced stories like this.  The MC is likeable, the story interesting,


      and I'm looking forward to seeing if his cousin from his original world somehow comes over.

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