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/ Series / Rise of the Woman Forged From Wind
Rise of the Woman Forged From Wind
Rise of the Woman Forged From Wind
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High school is that much harder when you know that you're trans, but have no way to fix it. For a closeted trans girl, virtual reality is an escape. The digital world a haven of comfort, complete with a digital body that actually feels right. With an escape from the uncomfortable reality of the real world and a dangerous and fantastical one at her fingertips, she'll find the courage to face both head on. Weathering away the rougher bits of herself into a form she's more comfortable with and becoming the woman she knows she is.

This story is for the Second Tempest Contest under the theme:
- Duality of a secret life (The MC live a normal and a secret life)
The cover art was made by myself using Canva

AdventureFantasyGender BenderSchool Life
Second Tempest Contest
Male to Female MMORPG Romantic Subplot Secret Identity Sword And Magic Sword Wielder Transgender Virtual Reality
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