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/ Series / Marked Child – Witch & prince Hunt
Marked Child – Witch & prince Hunt
Marked Child – Witch & prince Hunt
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Marked Child : Witch & Prince Hunt - first book in the Marked Child series

When the two blades Arvin and Cadiviir travel to Neligraad to offer their many talents for gold, it doesn't take long for them to receive a job offer they couldn't refuse: to track down the escaped prince before the king realized his disappearance.

Being permitted no other choice by their hirer: The Captain of the guard, the two set out to find the prince. But matters become complicated, and dangerous, when they realize that a certain witch is on the prince's trail as well.

Between the threat of beheading, the wrath of the witch, and the prince's own plans of eluding his father, the two blades struggle to finish the job. Only to have their dark past catch up to them once more.

Abusive Characters Anti-Magic Antihero Protagonist Dark Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Magic Medieval Sword And Magic Sword Wielder
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