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Queen of Hogwarts (GL)
Queen of Hogwarts (GL)
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Luna Crimson, a Queen, Royalty of the highest caliber, a Battle Maiden unlike any other, there were no equal. Just like her name suggests, almost everything about her is 'Crimson', her hair, her eyes, but most importantly, the large amounts of blood rivers that she has seen. Now she lives a new life in a new world, but a new life doesn't transfer to a 'new' her, she stayed the same.

Blood-thirsty, narcissistic, and somebody who only cares for the people that she so chooses to care about, everybody else is of no concern to her, but she can also come off as childish at times, why that is? Only she knows... And only she'll ever know, for the sole reason she's living a new life is because of one certain moronic 'god', she'll never forget how he called himself 'Zeddicus' for she loathes him, to her he's not a 'God', just a poser, a jester.

And now, she walks in the world of wizards and witches, magic and spells, but even inside this magical world, there are people that are less special by default, just because they don't possess the ability and innate talent for the wonders of magic. Therefore they are kept out of it completely.

And because the Queen saw that the world which she now resides in is peaceful, or as 'peaceful' as a massive world can truly be, she decided to just have fun and do what any single thing that she so desires, after all, who's going to stop her? Absolutely nobody... And if they dare? Well, The Queen wouldn't mind going back to her roots and showing them what a feared Battle Maiden can do.

And so, the Queen walks the grounds of Hogwarts, doing just what she decided and what did she decide? That's right, doing whatever it is that she wants. And her primary 'want' is getting herself some wives and so The Queen aims to do that... And why not grab the whole school at the same time and become a Queen of Hogwarts, that could be an entertaining activity to do, right?

This story is a part of the 'Gods' Games' universe.

(Harry Potter and all of its content is owned by J.K.Rowling)
(Also warning for sexual themes and other things, I don't know, just be warned)
(Also, the image is not mine, nor was it made for this fic, it's just a picture that I found and liked. Credits go to 'Waoevl' they can be found on DeviantArt. It will be changed eventually, I am working with an artist, it will take a long time though)

AdultAdventureFanfictionGirls LoveHaremIsekaiMatureRomanceSmut
Harry Potter
Calm Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Enemies Become Lovers Fearless Protagonist Female Protagonist Futanari Harem-seeking Protagonist Honest Protagonist Incest Loli Narcissistic Protagonist Older Love Interests Polygamy Pregnancy Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Protagonist Strong from the Start R-18 Reincarnated into Another World Royalty Student-Teacher Relationship Sword Wielder Unconditional Love Wealthy Characters Witches Younger Love Interests
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