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/ Series / Demoness Reincarnation: Waking up in this new world, I shall live life without regrets with the Evil God watching over me!
Demoness Reincarnation: Waking up in this new world, I shall live life without regrets with the Evil God watching over me!
Demoness Reincarnation: Waking up in this new world, I shall live life without regrets with the Evil God watching over me!
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4.5 (128 ratings)
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Your typical isekai trash ft. Rei Hoshimiya, who one day wakes up in a dungeon in the body of a demon.

Upon figuring out that she had been reincarnated, Rei has only one thing to do first: Escape the dungeon.

Afterwards, who knows...

[Author's Question: Is this long enough for a LN title!?]
Things to note:
- JP honorifics and stuffs will be used in this story. (san, kun, sensei etc.) If you don't like it, I don't care.
- Updates: whenever I want.
- Feedbacks and Criticism are appreciated.
- Cringe? Probably.
- Chocolate? yes.

ActionAdventureComedyDramaFantasyIsekaiLitRPGSlice of Life
Beast Companions Beastkin Demon Lord Demons Determined Protagonist Dragons Dungeons Elves Female Protagonist Fox Spirits Game Elements Gods Hard-Working Protagonist Heroes Introverted Protagonist Loner Protagonist Magic Monsters Multiple POV Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Reincarnated into Another World Religions Spirits Unreliable Narrator Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 48
Reviews 3
Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 27: a flowery chat

    TLDR  Pretty mid plot but too early to give it a solid review so 3/5.

    This novel started out with a lot of potential. I mean its premise isn't exactly new, person is reincarnated as a monster/ non-standard race of the world they inhabit. But those always make the the best transmigration novels because most of them aren't some power trip fantasy, or at least have something else going on to complement the supremely overtuned MC.

     However this novel is 27 chapters in and I still don't know anything about the plot other than the base bare bones because of its dungeon delving arc. It feels like one of those uninspired Japanese  web novels that people constantly crank out to try and get published. So far there has been no social interaction and we are just now getting to another character that can talk besides the goddess that keeps babying the MC.

    The writing in itself feels weirdly translated for some reason, however that may be just me so I wont judge it for it. The grammar is pretty flawless so props on that. However this is my least favorite novel by this author right now.

    Despite all I just said still give it a read, after all, its still better than a vast majority of the other stories on the site because its actually readable to a English audience. I don't think it deserves its super high rating though. I would normally give it somewhere around a 4, but its rating is stupid high so ill make it a 3 for now and change it when it gets to a point I can judge it for real.

    If I had some advice for the writer it would be as follows.

    - You need other characters for a story to function, however not all of them have to be friendly. In fact some sentient (perhaps human) enemies would be nice just so see their viewpoint on things. Although dont force it.

    - You really don't need to have the MC as some sort of uberstrong powerhouse, it gets boring just watching her train so she can instakill gods and heros later. Let her explore the world and get the sh*t kicked out of her sometimes, its entertaining.

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    6 Likes · Like
    Status: c14

    This novel is adorable!

    ChocolateLover keeps the tone light-hearted and optimistic.  Through the first-person, stream-of-thought narrative, I feel like I'm discovering this dungeon right along with the protagonist.  Just these first few chapters have me excited and constantly wondering, "Is this what it would be like to play through a dungeon backward?"

    Also, a phenomenal 9.5/10 on cleanliness.  Grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling--it's a smooth read.

    This is a story to keep an eye on as it progresses, for whenever you just want a shot of dopamine to feel happy.

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 20: desperate battle for survival

    So far is great.

    Light to read, but with some serious situations. Nice references. Enjoyable main character, her companion looks promising. Can't say nothing about world, since so far no info were given because of MC situation. Still looks very very promising. Give it a try.

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