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/ Series / I Refuse To Do Anything But Cook!
I Refuse To Do Anything But Cook!
I Refuse To Do Anything But Cook!
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4.8 (16 ratings)
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In her last life, Amalia died a cold, lonely death. But now reborn into her younger days, along with the ViNo System to guide her, she's determined to live a life doing the one thing she's always dreamed of...Cooking!

ComedyDramaRomanceSlice of Life
Chefs Comedic Undertone Cooking Female Protagonist Hidden Abilities Magical Space Modern Day Reincarnation Restaurant Reverse Harem Second Chance Slow Romance Store Owner
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      New officepony
      Status: c3
      Jun 30, 2019

      Just for not following the footsteps of every single Chinese Cooking LitRPG I award you 5 Stars!

      Seriously though, thankfully this isn't a copypasta from every other cooking genre I've read so far. Most of them seem to be fond of the idea of starting you off with Egg Fried Rice which seems to be a staple of cooking novels of the Chinese variety.

      With that out of the way, I like the writing, the grammar is nicely done, and the story seems to hint at something larger than the initial premise would suggest. I'll keep reading this just to find out what could possibly make this even better than being a food novel.

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